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More Google Updates Hit

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SEO TipsThe time has finally come, the long awaited algorithm update that has been chattered about ever since the first Google Penguin update. Webmasters everywhere have been anxiously awaiting this release, and wondering how it will affect their websites, and their online business. This week, Google finally put the update out there, and people are again scrambling, deciding how best to adjust their SEO tactics so that the impact is not as severe as it was with the last few updates.

The Time Has Come for New Changes

Fortunately, the update (this time) is geared more toward truly reducing the amount of spam that is found online. When Penguin first arrived on the scene, it mainly targeted the home pages of websites, making sure that the level of quality was high, and that there was nothing suspicious, or spammy, lurking there. This week’s Penguin update digs a little deeper into websites, further examining how consistent the quality is, on a higher level.

Regular web users may not even notice a difference, but some webmasters may find that this latest update picks up on any deep seated black hat techniques. This is definitely one reason that working with a high quality SEO company is critical. You don’t want to find out the hard way that Google does not approve of how you are doing things, because it simply might be too late for you if it is discovered that your SEO techniques are sub-par. Sites that were hit hard in April 2012, and again in October 2012, with the previous incarnations of the Penguin update are still recovering, in some cases, and still working on making the necessary changes to their SEO techniques to keep up with the Google demands. Unless your site is in compliance with the “regulations” and “recommendations” that Google sets forth, you will find that your site will probably drop in the SERPs, often to a level that is difficult, if not impossible, to recover from.

Smart SEO Techniques are a Must!

Taking the necessary steps to understand what is involved with the latest Penguin update, and what is expected, is one smart move for any webmaster. Working with a reputable SEO firm is going to help you accomplish this, since many of the changes may be overwhelming, or confusing, for the average computer layperson. Expert help can not only help prevent huge problems with any algorithm update, but can help you stay a step ahead of the competition.

Using smart SEO techniques will not only help you to avoid problems with any algorithm updates that should roll out, either now or in the future, but this will also help to boost your ranking in the SERPs and get you the visibility and the traffic that is required for success with any website. Don’t waste time trying to figure out the specific “ins and outs” or all of the SEO tips and tricks that are out there, invest in the success of your business by working with an SEO agency that really knows their stuff.

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