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Mobile Marketing Tips for Good Branding

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Mobile MarketingOver a hundred million users cannot really be wrong, can they? The number of smart phone users is at least that high now, and those statistics are growing rapidly. Mobile internet usage is at a tipping point, and the number of mobile users is just about to overtake the number of users who are on traditional desktop PCs. This means, for businesses, that getting on board with mobile technology and mobile marketing is no longer an option that can be ignored. Ignore it now, and you will be left behind by the competition who is embracing the trend. Fortunately, mobile marketing only requires a shift in thinking (and programming) if you are already involved with internet marketing. It is just a different way of accessing your customer.

Here are three things that you should definitely consider when trying to take your business into the next phase of internet marketing, mobile marketing:

1. Mobile apps: Consumers love to shop using their mobile devices. The number of online purchases that are conducted on mobile devices is staggering. Even when people just do their browsing on their phone or mobile devices and then make a purchase later from another computer, you need to have a mobile app that allows them to interact with your business in an effective way. Having a mobile app that users can download gives you a direct connection to the customers, and customers love engaging with mobile apps. Just check out the download statistics if you have questions about this trend.

2. Payment options: When designing your mobile app, it is important to consider adding payment options for those consumers who are going to be inspired to purchase right then and there. Revenue from mobile purchases is steadily increasing, make it possible for your users to spend their money when the urge strikes. Don’t make them wait to return home and get on their computers, you may lose them in the process. When they can buy right then and there, they just might. Accepting payments through mobile apps should be part of your mobile marketing solution.

3. Adaptations:  Either using mobile apps or adapting your site using responsive web design is going to be necessary. Sooner rather than later is a good idea in this area. Each customer or user that you can get engaged through a mobile device is another good lead for a sale. When sites do not load well, they will lose visitors quickly. This is important when considering how mobile users are interacting, they do not want to waste time watching their tiny screen think about loading a site. Be sure that you have the adaptations in place to make it easy.

Optimizing across multiple platforms, to include mobile marketing, does take some effort and some willingness to change. Many internet marketers find that they barely feel like they have learned the ropes for traditional websites, and now it is already time for a big change. Work with SEO companies that offer comprehensive services and packages, look for experts in mobile marketing so that you can get your company into the next generation of internet marketing, now!

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