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Local SEO Strategies

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SEO TipsWhen optimizing your site for local SEO, it is important to understand the specific SEO techniques that are going to work best, and the ones that will get you the most local exposure as possible. Many SEO companies will incorporate local SEO services into a regular package that is customized for your needs, and local SEO is definitely something that you want to be included and taken care of. More and more consumers are using local search as part of their regular information gathering, through phones and mobile devices. Results of local search queries may be different than those that are not using local terms, but people on mobile devices are often looking for what is closest to them at the current moment.

What does this mean to your internet marketing site? You must have your site optimized for local search, and there are several important things to consider when doing this. There are different types of local search results, ones that come from major data providers, ones that come from search engines and ones that come from local directories.

Here are some steps to follow when considering local search optimization for your site. Your SEO agency can help with this process, streamlining the steps and making sure that the timing is perfect for best exposure:

1. Submit business profiles to major data providers: This means that you must claim your business listing with the major data providers that collect information to be distributed to the search engines. Information submitted needs to be thorough and accurate. This process can take a few weeks, and requires patience so that the providers can sort through and classify the information, then get it distributed to the search engines.

2. Submit business profiles to the search engines: Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! are all beginning to prefer their own business listings for local search results, as well as the reviews that are posted on their individual “places” sites. Having an accurate profile with each of the search engines is important. Include as much information about your company as the fields will allow.

3. Submit business profile to local search directories: Most major metropolitan areas have their own local search directories by now. This means that you can look for a plumber in Phoenix, AZ, and find a list of several plumbing companies that have already submitted their business profiles to the directory. If you want the exposure locally, then you have to be listed. Again, thorough and accurate information is necessary, and, be sure to update this information any time there happens to be any changes.

Local SEO is something that is growing in importance. While it does not replace regular SEO techniques, it needs to be part of the internet marketing strategy that you are using, or that your SEO company is using, to promote your website. Personal search is becoming more important, and search engines are using location as part of the algorithm that determines the results that any particular user sees. Make your site stand out by having good local SEO in place and get the hometown on your side! Your SEO agency will help you complete these steps in the right order, so that duplication is minimized and exposure is maximized.

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