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Leveraging Alexa for SEO

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Search engine optimization is one of the most important components of a successful web presence, and there are certainly plenty of tools and options available for you to be able to maximize SEO for your business. One tool in particular is Alexa, a website that provides free web analytics. Most people use Alexa to track and measure their performance, and that of their competition, but what many don’t realize is that there are also ways you can leverage this powerful tool for your SEO campaigns as well. Here’s how.

Gain Insight on Keywords
You’re probably already familiar with Google’s keyword tool, but Alexa is also a fantastic resource when it comes to identifying which keywords you should be ranking for. Instead of spending hours, days or weeks doing web research trying to find out which sites are using which keyword, with Alexa you can pull up a site and instantly view a list of the keywords they are using. This can help you learn what is working for your competition and give you ideas on how you can optimize your own site for best results.

Get Content Ideas
One of the most important components of SEO is not just using the right keywords, but using them in quality content that attracts visitors. After all, what good is using your keyword 3 dozen times if people lose interest the moment they reach your site? Alexa supplies audience data that shows you what type of visitors your competition is attracting, which can give you an idea of what content is working for them. If you can identify what those visitors are after and offer something similar, you’re in the game!

Uncover Backlink Opportunities
Obtaining quality inbound links to your website is an essential component of any SEO campaign. The more good backlinks you have, the more authority your site will gain with the SERPs. Yet locating these opportunities the traditional way, through generic web searches, is an incredibly time consuming and often frustrating task. With Alexa, you can look up any website and view exactly which sites are linking back to that site. Again, this is a great tool for measuring your website’s performance against your competition. By learning which sites are linking back to your competitors, you’ll instantly have a list of potential backlinks for your own website, shaving tons of time off your SEO legwork.

Adding the Alexa Toolbar
The Alexa toolbar can be added to any internet browser, whether you use Google Chrome, Firefox or are a tried and true IE person. You can get the toolbar by visiting the Alexa website and clicking on the “Install” button. Once installed, you can customize your toolbar and use it to access valuable SEO information about any website you happen to be browsing at any given time. It doesn’t get any easier than that!

Of all the tools in your SEO arsenal, perhaps none is as comprehensive as Alexa. If you aren’t yet harnessing this powerful tool to enhance your search engine optimization activities, then you are most certainly missing out. Remember, the more tools you use, the more time you’ll save and the better your web ranking results will be.

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