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Leverage Your Exposure With Twitter

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When it comes to increasing brand awareness, Twitter has become one of the most popular tools around. Surveys indicate that more than 80% of small business owners are using Twitter, are you in that group? This social media channel has plenty to offer to business owners looking to increase their exposure on the internet. Internet marketing agencies are including social media networks, like Twitter, to help internet marketing specialists spread the word about their content and get an edge on the competition. When added to your regular SEO plan, Twitter can make your results even better.

Getting leads from social media is even easier than traditional SEO and email marketing efforts, because of the immediate and far reaching effects. The secret to getting great results from any social media efforts lies, of course, in your content. When you are sharing great content, you have the possibility of it going viral, having it spread like wildfire across the web, much more quickly than it might through your regular organic search engine optimization efforts. Sometimes all it takes is a well-timed tweet, and a link to your content, to make your followers very interested in what is going on in your business. This can get them directly to your site, and often lead to a faster conversion than you may ever be able to get from a keyword search and great ranking in the SERPs. Consider using some of your own content, and some that you share from other sources. This can help establish you as an authority in your niche, and help your followers get even more great information than you could provide on your own site.

Get More Leads from Twitter

One of the fastest ways to get more leads from Twitter will come from retargeting. This process involves having your ad appear on sites that your visitors may go to after visiting your site. This usually involves using AdWords or another program that will continuously display your business ads to visitors, long after they visit your site. What happens when you do this is that you keep your company in the mind of your potential leads, and reminds them to return for more. Retargeting is known to be very effective at helping you to generate leads. Using Twitter, you can have your ads appear in the sidebar of the news feed and timelines of your followers, constantly reminding them of your offers and your products.

Retargeting Using Twitter

Twitter offers small business internet marketing professionals the opportunity to pay for advertising that will then display their ads to any followers, or anyone that has been to your site and has a cookie on their computer as a result. Some SEO experts claim that this can increase your conversion rates anywhere from 25-50%, depending on how strong your ad campaign is. Other factors certainly apply, but developing a paid advertising campaign in conjunction with your social media campaign can boost your SEO efforts markedly. Make your tweets count, by getting followers to your site, and make them want to return by retargeting them with strong ads!

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