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Know Your Visitor Types to Maximize Conversions

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Increasing conversions is very important to the average internet marketer. Without conversions, your profits will be minimal, perhaps mainly coming from advertising revenue or other sources. Conversions are one of the most important things that you need to focus on. Many online marketing agencies will explain to their clients that they should be expecting a less than 1% conversion rate, but if you truly understand your customers and how you can serve them better, you may be able to increase this statistic. Remember, a 1% conversion rate represents one sale for every 100 visitors. You have to get a considerable amount of traffic to profit at this rate.

Visitors to your site will be in different stages of the shopping and buying process, so it is important to have something for each type of visitor. Generally speaking, there are about four main types of visitors to consider:

1. Those who are browsing. This is the type of visitor who likes to peruse the latest and greatest trends in their business or personal life. They are not generally ready to make a purchase, but instead are gathering information about what might be available, should they need it. This is the kind of visitor that you want to get onto your email list, so offering an option to subscribe to the list and be sent periodic information and updates may be very appealing to them.

2. Those conducting research. This is the type of visitor who is actively collecting information, and comparing the options for various products and services. For this visitor, you want to make sure that your call to action is very clear, and that they can easily navigate your website and find extensive information about products and services. This is the kind of visitor that returns to the place that they found the best information.

3. Those looking to make recommendations. One branch of internet marketing that is particularly strong is affiliate marketing. This means that others may be recommending your products and services, in return for a commission. Do you have an affiliate option? Is this something you might consider? These are questions that definitely pertain to this kind of visitor, so make the option clear if there is one.

4. Those who are ready to purchase. After all, this is the ultimate result of the entire online shopping process, getting the person who is ready to buy to visit your site and spend their money. Make sure that your site is clear, professional and that it is very easy for the customer to make their purchase, get accurate shipping information and learn about the return policy. This type of visitor will make up a very small percentage of your traffic, but it might just be the most important traffic that you get, especially if you are looking at a 1% conversion rate.

Knowing how to attend to each stage of the buying process can help you connect with the customers better. Your SEO plan should be strong enough to help visitors find you while searching, but what they come across when they arrive is what can lead to better conversions.

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