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Is Your Navigation Helping or Hurting Your SEO?

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Problems with the navigation on your site can negatively affect your search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. Fixing problems after implementing the wrong navigation is expensive, but completely avoidable. One of the benefits to working with an SEO marketing service is that you will be developing a website that has easy to use navigation that is also very SEO-friendly, allowing both the users and the search engines free and easy access to your website. Search engine spiders will be able to index and rank your site properly, and users will find that it is easy to use.

Mistakes in navigation style can affect not only your traffic because of the effects on SEO, but it can affect conversions, too. If visitors arrive at your site and find something unexpected, then they might not feel like figuring it out. Although you want your site to be unique, you should still be following some basic guidelines that help visitors know exactly what to do and how to get around, instinctively. Here are three things that you should be thinking about when it comes to having great navigation, the kind that helps your SEO, not interferes:

1. Stick to the  basics: When you go out on a limb and try a unique navigation style, you may find that visitors are turned off. Although you do not want your site to be a cookie cutter of every other site that is out there, you want it to be familiar enough to visitors so that they feel comfortable and do not have to do any extra poking around to find what they are looking for. High bounce rates affect your SEO, and when you are looking for solid search marketing solutions, you want to stick to the tried and true methods for best results. Use other techniques to make your site stand out, but use standard navigation techniques.

2. Avoid drop down menus: Drop down menus are notorious for interfering with SEO, because the search engines are not able to crawl the information contained within them unless they are carefully programmed. Many SEO marketing services are able to offer the programming necessary, but make sure that you know what is contained on your site and how it will affect not only SEO but your visitor satisfaction, as well. Surveys show that drop down menus have fallen out of favor, for the most part. People want to skim their options more quickly, without having to use the mouse. Plus, drop down menus are not usually mobile friendly, putting another avoidable barrier between you and your potential customers, in some cases.

3. Use links rather than buttons: It is important to remember that, when developing your navigation for your site, that buttons are not good for SEO. They may be visually appealing, but the text that is contained on them is not properly crawled. Considering that the text is likely to contain your keywords, you want to use links instead to maximize your SEO.

Concentrate on the search marketing solutions that are known to work. Navigation is a common problem for many webmasters, and finding SEO marketing companies that can help you get your site not only appearing professional and easy to use for your visitors, but also for the search engines, which will be indexing your site more accurately when you use the right navigation techniques.

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