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Improving Website Conversions: Part I

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Improving conversions is a priority for anyone involved in internet marketing. Getting the most income that you can out of your website is a main goal. Most digital marketing firms offer packages that include ways to increase conversions, or boost conversion optimization. The ideas behind conversion optimization include not only fine tuning your SEO plan, but also adding in some powerful components including social proof, landing page optimization and more, to get the most out of every visitor to your site.

Here are a few ways to get you started with conversion optimization:

1. Campaign for the social endorsement. When you adjust your online marketing plan to account for the fact that many people are often going to act based on the way others that they know are acting, you can benefit from this social connection. Social proof can be the ideal way to get a third party endorsement, and the results can be bigger conversion numbers. One of the reasons behind this is that when people get a recommendation from a social connection, it can be a stronger lead. This differs from you sending out emails or advertising to potential customers—word of mouth is often based on a specific request, or the experience of a very satisfied customer. The likelihood of a resulting conversion is higher.

2. Update blog posts that have the highest traffic for your site. If you have certain blog posts that are getting a lot more traffic than others, try reposting them, updating them, or expanding them. If you create a new post based on the old one, be sure to add a link so that the large numbers of traffic to the original post will be led to the new post, with fresher or additional material. When you can get your visitors something new, they are going to be more interested, and ultimately more likely to turn into another conversion for you.

3. Add a secondary call to action. For those visitors that get to your landing page and do not choose to convert and pay for your products and services, for one reason or another, make sure that you have a secondary offer ready and waiting. This could be a smaller or less expensive version of the main offer, or it could merely be an offer to be added to the email list, so that they would be informed of future offers and promotions. Believe it or not, this will truly help to increase your brand recognition, and, if someone shows up on your site and chooses not to buy—yet still signs up for your mailing list—then this makes them a highly valuable lead and one that is more likely to end up as a conversion at a later date.

Increasing conversion rates is an ongoing challenge in the internet marketing world, but there are plenty of things that you can do to help the process. Everything you do should be geared toward the end game—getting the customer to pay you money! This is profit, money right in your pocket. Consider these suggestions as the first few steps toward your own conversion optimization process.

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