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Improving Website Conversions: Part 2

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In the last post, we discussed several ways in which you can improve your conversions, by making some small changes to your online marketing plan. Developing solid goals for conversion optimization can help when it comes to increasing your profits. As you are probably aware, most experts agree that even the top internet marketing sites are usually experiencing about a 3-5% conversion rate, at best, with most sites able to expect about a 1% conversion. Unless you have thousands of visitors, you are going to have to have a great deal of patience when it comes to reaching your goals.

When you work with an online marketing agency that offers conversion optimization packages, here are some of the features that you can expect to be offered. Some of these techniques are things you may be able to do yourself, if you have the know-how, but working with experts may make a huge difference. Three major things that can help you improve conversion rate are:

1. Frequent A/B testing. Any time that you have a call to action on a landing page, with a specific offer, is an opportunity to conduct A/B testing to see what features or components are truly drawing in the customers. Change one thing at a time, and compare the results. Running two simultaneous offers is not going to dilute your profits, quite the contrary—it will double the chances of you getting a conversion. And when you analyze the results of the A/B testing, you will probably come up with some great data that will help to fine tune your landing pages, your call to action and your entire online marketing plan. Never assume that you have already found the greatest and most effective method of getting conversions—test, test and retest!

2. Frequent offer updates. Leaving the same old offers on your site for too long gets stale. Many webmasters fail to update offers that may have expired, or are obviously dated (e.g., Best Deals of 2011 Found Here!). Your site will look unprofessional and unattended, so be sure that these details are always worked out. When returning visitors find new offers regularly, they will view your company as more successful and more innovative—two things that help to build trust, and two things that can lead to much higher conversion rates. Work on dovetailing current events into your advertising, whether it is the holiday season, Super Bowl time, St. Patrick’s Day, whatever. This helps gain the attention of the visitor and make your offer seem timely and fresh.

3. Remove obstacles for visitors. How easy is it for customers to convert? You have worked hard on your SEO techniques and you are starting to get enough visitors to your site, but is it obvious to them what needs to happen once they arrive there? Your navigation must be perfect, links all need to work, and the call to action should be immediately obvious.

Don’t lose sight of the ultimate goal, gaining the customer! Getting leads is only part of the equation, getting the conversions is where you start to profit. Make sure your site is ready for conversions to start pouring in!

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