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Improving Sales by Improving SEO

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SEO TipsOne of the main goals of search engine optimization is to get a great search engine ranking. But, unless you are seeing high conversion rates along with the great search engine ranking, then there are still improvements that need to be made to your SEO techniques. More and more people are shopping online, so the conversions are definitely available. But, you have to remember that shopping online is not a direct equivalent to shopping in a regular store.

In a regular store, shoppers can pick up items, hold them, and get a very good idea what they are buying. When you are running an ecommerce store, you not only have to worry about getting the right ranking so that you can get shoppers to your site, but you have to be able to sell your products to the visitors, without having them be able to see and feel the products. This takes some special skill when it comes to your marketing strategy.

Here are three ways to make your ecommerce site stronger to increase conversions, while using great SEO techniques:

1. Follow the analytics regarding the time spent on the site: When your visitors are not spending a long time on your site, they do not have the opportunity to learn about your great products and services. Make sure that you are closely following the analytics related to time spent on the site. If it is decreasing, then you need to boost up your content—and, when you do this, make sure you are using good search engine optimization with the right keywords and links.

2. Pay attention to shopping psychology: Online shoppers, more than shoppers in traditional stores, are going to do quite a bit of comparison shopping. Make sure that your shipping and return/exchange policies are extremely competitive. And, make sure that your visitors will not find the same products elsewhere for a lower price. It will boost your conversions in the long run if you are even a few cents cheaper than the next guy. Make sure that they know this when they are shopping on your site, and make sure all of your policies are clear, fair and easy to find while the potential customer is using your ultra-easy navigation process. Use your product descriptions to highlight the benefits of the products, while making sure that you have the best keywords, as well as helpful links.

3. Improve the sales content of your site: If visitors are not buying, or if they are leaving quickly, then there is something wrong with your content. Either you are not using the right keywords and ending up with visitors who are not finding what they expected, or your content is too thin and not compelling or interesting enough to get the conversions. Spend some time revamping your sales content and working on the SEO techniques that go along with that if you want the conversions to come.

Your sales efforts and your SEO techniques really need to go hand in hand. Your SEO techniques will be what gets the visitors to your site, but if you are off on the SEO, then the wrong visitors will show up and not be interested. So, make sure that everything is working well together, and boost your sales by boosting your SEO techniques.

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