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Identifying Link Building Opportunities

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Link BuildingGetting a higher search engine ranking for your internet marketing website is a priority. One way to increase that ranking is by getting more links. Because links must really be earned today, rather than purchased from link farms and services, you have to find ways to develop the kind of content that people are going to want to link to, thereby increasing the number of links that you have in a natural way. Determining the link building opportunities that are presented by the content on your site is an important part of your SEO techniques. SEO agencies can help you find creative ways to develop links and get a better search engine ranking.

Here are four examples of content that makes for good link building opportunities, as it is very likely to be shared and reposted. Your SEO company can help you with more, but here’s where to start:

1. Downloadable apps: Do you have any free apps or downloadable tools that your visitors will find upon arrival? Promote these as much as possible, since apps are not only hot commodities for sharing, they can improve the user’s experience by somehow making their life simpler or providing entertainment.

2. Coupons and discount offers: This is exactly the kind of information that people are very likely to share with others. If they have found your products and services to be helpful, then do your company a huge favor and offer coupons and discounts that can be shared with others. You will most likely get a huge return on this investment, by giving a small discount you may build your customer base significantly, thanks to the sharing and linking that will happen as a result. SEO agencies often have marketing specialists that can help develop this kind of promotional information for you.

3. Related events: Are there current events that are related to your niche or industry? Promote these on your site, and you may be able to get a few new links from this type of content. Not only will you reap the benefits provided by networking with other business people or other companies in your industry by promoting their events, you are going to be able to get plenty of links as this information is shared from your site.

4. Regular, frequent posting and blogging: The regular, every day content that you are able to generate should be developed with the intention of sharing. Post it on your blog, but don’t forget to mention the news about the new post on your social media networks. Each time you link to the post, you get more benefits for your SEO, and your contacts and followers will share and retweet, increasing the social signal power that you can get from each post.

Each type of content that you include on your site should be thought of as a link building opportunity. When content is developed (either by you or by your SEO company), it should be with the intention of having people share it with others. Remember, people want to naturally share things with others, hence the immense success of the social networks, but coupons, special deals, breaking news and interesting content is what will really spread the word and get you links.

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