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How Your SEO Benefits from Using Google Products

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It’s true, the focus of many online marketing companies seems to be on Google placement, with a secondary focus on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. While you want to ensure that you can be picked up by any of the search engines and ranked well, there are some notable advantages when it comes to ranking in Google when you are using Google products, like Google+, Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Places and more. There are a few important considerations, reasons why this can help with your placement in the SERPs.

Google pays close attention to what their users want, and the behaviors that they demonstrate. By now you are quite familiar with the personal search methods used by Google, and realize that users are getting a filtered version of options based on their previous search histories and their browser history. This can help your company if a particular user has visited your site, but it may be less helpful if you are trying to attract new users.

Here are three reasons why it is important to consider the Google products as part of your search engine optimization plan:

1. Google tracks the behaviors and history of users: Some users find this a little unnerving, but when it comes to SEO, it definitely works to your advantage. Google prefers Google users, and rewards them accordingly.

2. Google knows who is logged in: When users enter in keywords while they are logged in, they are going to get listings in the search results that contain other users who are currently logged in to their many products. So, for example, if you have a Google+ page, or even a Gmail account, you are more likely to be presented higher in the SERPs to those users also logged in to that product or others. The other search engines may know who is logged in at any given time as well, but with the stats showing Google’s power, don’t ignore them.

3. Social accounts help with SEO: Being logged into your Google+ products and social networks will make you more available during a Google search. Since about two thirds of users are searching using Google, this will consistently help to get you a better search engine placement.

What does all of this mean? Google is not the only search engine, but it is definitely the biggest and most powerful. Bing does come in second, but at a far lower percentage. Online marketing services are capitalizing on this trend by making sure that their clients are fully loaded with all of the relevant products that are going to help with search engine optimization, and this is a trend you should be paying attention to because of these significant advantages.

Critics may claim that the downside is leading to a big of a monopoly in the search engine world, but (and this is especially true for those sites that are still recovering from the Panda and Penguin overhauls) cooperating with the trends, rather than bucking them, can truly help you get your site more exposure and more visibility in the search engine results.

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