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How Social Proof Helps Your Internet Marketing

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When it comes to establishing trust with your potential customers, the social media world is becoming increasingly important. Over the next year or two, you will find that having the social power on the side of your business will help you to increase conversions. About ¾ of the buying public reports that they rely on reviews to determine how well a purchase is going to meet their needs. About 2/3 of the buying public has indicated in surveys that they are far more inclined to purchase from a site.

Here are three things to consider when it comes to social proof:

1. Negative press is very bad when it comes to convincing customers to buy from you: Negative press is not only limited to bad reviews or comments that are left by other people, but sometimes can come in the form of your own ways of convincing people why they should buy from you. Explaining why a customer should buy from you should be done carefully, and without showing the customer why they “should not” purchase from another company. Focus on the positive aspects of your products and services.

2. Personal stories can be powerful:Sharing personal anecdotes can be extremely influential when you are trying to convince customers to make a purchase from you. People want to connect with other people, so when they can see you as a real person, not just an unnamed, anonymous company, they are going to be drawn to this. Having customers know a little bit about your personal situation can help you establish the connections that you are seeking.

3. People like to know that other people are making similar purchases:When your potential customers find out that there is a large number of other customers making similar purchases, they are going to be more inclined to want to buy from your company. When friends blast out to the social networks that they are interested in a company, or “like” the company, then they are helping with the online advertising and the brand exposure in a way that is very organic yet very personal.

Social media marketing is quickly turning into an essential part of your overall online marketing plan. Traditional search engine optimization is not enough, you have to be able to engage with the customers on a level that is more personal than just showing up in the search engine listings. Online marketing agencies are advocating for the use of social media, yet encouraging companies to continue with their regular SEO plan.

Making your company one that has ideal exposure, through search engines and social media networks is important. It is difficult to get enough exposure in today’s internet world from only using traditional search engine optimization techniques, so be sure to learn about how social media can help you expand the visibility and get more traffic, more potential customers and more conversions. Exposure on social media sites functions as proof to your customers that your company is viable and acceptable to customers, thereby increasing your trust level and exposure.

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