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How Social Media is Tied to SEO

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Social media and search engine optimization are becoming more and more connected. Online marketing firms are developing packages that help internet marketing specialists get their small businesses up and running, at least for the online portion of the business. Search engines are beginning to consider social media relevance in the algorithms, making it a good time to get more involved. Involvement with social media can help a website become more quickly established as an authority site. This occurs because of the increased traffic, the increased number of inbound links and the increased content that can come from the use of social media in the SEO plan of a business. Here are three ways that you can more fully incorporate social media into your own SEO plan for your website: 1. Be sure to use your main keywords in your company profile on social media sites. This helps the social sites use their search engines to find you, as well as alerting Google and the other major search engines to the presence of your social media pages. Also, include your keywords when you post, tweet or update your social pages, because this can also help users get to see your pages in their search results. 2. Connect well with your main followers and those who can influence others. Pay attention to the contacts that comment, question or repost, retweet or reblog your content. Develop these relationships, because then the contacts of all of these friends and followers will have more instant access to your information. You will become more present on timelines and newsfeeds when you have large numbers of people connected to your social media pages. Plus, you will see an increase in traffic because of the increased links, which can help your SEO by getting your site ranked higher in the SERPs. When you cultivate these relationships, you will establish a greater degree of customer loyalty. Customers who comment and reblog your information help you get more natural and earned links, which is important for SEO. 3. Stay active in the social media networks. This does not mean that you have to constantly update your profile and posts, but regularly doing so is important. You do not want to be a distant memory in the minds of your customers. Those who choose to connect with you on social media networks are interested in your company for some reason, and you should be taking full advantage of this. There are several important social media networks to be paying attention to and to be involved with, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+, but keep your eyes peeled for others that seem to be gaining speed and get in quickly. Combining your social media efforts and your SEO plan can help you reach your goals more quickly than you might with traditional search engine optimization methods. Make sure that your plan is comprehensive and that you are keeping up with all of the important aspects. Falling behind will cause problems when it comes to internet marketing—the top spots are filled with the brightest and the best, but there is always room for one more!

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