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How Google’s Personal Search Algorithms Affect Your SEO

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All of the greatest search engine optimization efforts in the world still have to be filtered by the actual search engines and you cannot always control how you are going to be ranked. Sometimes it seems random, but it really isn’t. Because it is truly a guessing game at times, getting the right mix that will get your sight noticed and ranked can be very challenging. One thing that often gets “in the way” for many online marketing companies is the fact that Google weighs a personal search history heavily when displaying the results for each user. This means that you have to understand the search habits of your target audience, in addition to understanding the mechanics and theories of good SEO.

Here are several things to think about when optimizing your site. Your online marketing agency should be incorporating these things into your overall marketing plan, in order to get your site properly ranked and exposed:

1. Geography matters: Your online marketing firm should have launched a full local search campaign. Because the Google search results are personalized, meaning that the user is receiving a list of the most relevant sites to choose from, geography counts toward relevance. Make sure you are getting the most exposure by including plenty of local information—so at least you have a better chance of appearing toward the top of the list for those users in your geographical location. Use specific terms (e.g., Topeka Kansas, East Lansing, Michigan) as well as more generic geographical terms (e.g., northeast, Midwest) for best results and most exposure.

2. Social searching is important: This is another important reason that you should have a strong social campaign. Your site is going to be listed more prominently when others that you are connected to have searched for your site more often. When a user makes a query, they will get options that have shown up for others that they are connected to, based on those loose connections.

3. Expand the number of followers: The more times you can get a user to click on your URL, the more likely your site will be to show up in their search results. You have the benefit of appearing on someone’s SERPs list because they have visited your site previously. This is critical—you want to get those visitors back again, and if they have been there once, your site will have a better ranking on their personalized list.

All Google searches may not be personalized, but your internet marketing firm should be approaching things as if they are. The benefits are that you are going to appear higher on the list for previous visitors, but, the downside is that you may have a harder time getting to the top for new users. As with all types of SEO and all techniques, it is important that you stay the course and make sure that you are always trying to stay one step ahead of the search engine algorithms. Considering the effects of personalized searching used by Google is one way that you can accomplish this.

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