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How Do You Know that Your Email Marketing is Working?

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With so many different internet marketing solutions combined for your overall marketing strategy, it can be challenging to tease out how each part is working on its own, and how the collaboration of methods can ultimately lead to success. Understanding how each component of your marketing plan is contributing can help you make the necessary changes and adjustments to your strategy, so that you can truly make the most out of each internet marketing solution. When you are working with an SEO company, you can often get a “bundle” of services, and, although this is a very popular and practical way to go about your internet marketing strategy, it can also muddy the waters as you evaluate how each part is helping you.

Email marketing should be a part of your online marketing plan, as it is well known to be a efficient way for you to communicate with your customers and contacts, and help you to foster the relationships that help make your business more successful. Here are three things to monitor so that you can keep track of how well your email marketing campaign is working smoothly and helping you to reach your internet marketing goals:

1. Keep track of who responds to your emails: Knowing who opens your emails, who clicks through, who makes a purchase, and who shares your email offers with others can be very important. This information should be collected and analyzed, so that you can properly segment your target audience and get the most out of every offer by tailoring the offers to various segments. You may not want to send the same offer to new members as you would to repeat members who have been long time customers.

2. Further segment your target audience according to the level of engagement: When you carefully track the analytics, or have your SEO firm do this for you, you can know who spends the most time with your messages and who is going to be most likely to open the next one, or make a purchase based on your offers and incentives.

3. Assess the value, or ROI for your email marketing campaign: When you are keeping track of the engagement and conversions that you are getting from your email marketing campaign, you can compare the returns that you are seeing with the cost of running your email marketing campaign, and actually calculate the cost of each email along with the return. This is an excellent way to measure exactly how much your email marketing campaign is contributing to your profits, and how effective your efforts truly are.

Each part of your online marketing plan is going to be important. Some will contribute a higher ROI than others, and email marketing is often seen as one of the less expensive investments in your business promotion, and makes it a very valuable part of your marketing arsenal, when used well and monitored carefully. Keep track of your progress by following your email marketing results closely, and you will see how well it is working!

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