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How CDNs Improve Your SEO

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Ranking high in the SERPs is a priority for all online businesses. Getting there depends on many factors, most of them are related to your search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. The algorithms used to determine which sites are ranked where are complicated, and based on many different variables. Previously, small to medium sized businesses could work their way to the top of the SERPs by steadily implementing their SEO plan, now, Google wants more. They want high quality, they want consistency, they want speed and they want performance. While this does is improve the user experience, which is the ultimate goal, but it makes it a bit of a challenge for some internet marketing entrepreneurs who may be struggling with some of the technicalities involved.

One way in which a search engine marketing firm can help these small to medium sized businesses show up better in the search engine results is by implementing a content delivery network (CDN) as a search marketing solution. This solution involves the use of multiple delivery servers, located worldwide, each receiving data from one server and transferring it. This transfer allows for multiple copies of a web page to exist at once and be viewed, allowing for much faster loading speed and improved performance.

Here are three reasons to consider working with a search engine marketing firm to get CDN services for your website:

1. Improved Speed and Performance: Because the load is reduced on the original server, loading speed and performance is improved. Slow loading speeds are known to increase bounce rates, which will have a negative impact on your SEO. Having multiple copies from different servers allows the site to load faster because there is less work involved for the primary server.

2. Cost Effective:  Implementing a search marketing solution like a CDN does cost money, but the return on your investment is very reasonable. The initial setup is not difficult or costly, and ongoing management by a search engine marketing firm may cost a couple hundred dollars a month but be well worth it when you consider the improved speed and performance.

3. Limited Down Time Good for SEO: Using a CDN as a search marketing solution is smart because it nearly completely eliminates the possibility of having down time. When Google is indexing sites, it will automatically pass over sites that are not live. If your server is down at the time of indexing, your site misses out on being properly indexed. Sites that rely on one server alone are at a much higher risk for having excessive downtime.

Using a content delivery network is a wise choice because of the many benefits in terms of both the users’ experience as well as the ability of the search engines to properly crawl and index the site. Consider this search marketing solution when you are trying to get to the top of the SERPs with your site. Investing in these options can help you secure a top spot and make your company stand out.

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