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How Can You Take Control of the Search Engine Results?

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SEO TechniquesOne of the major goals of internet marketing is a high ranking in the search engine results pages (SERPs). A goal even beyond that is to occupy more than one listing, preferably an entire page of the listings, with your company and your links. This is considered to be serious success in the internet marketing world (assuming that the keywords you are occupying heavily for are actually searched for, but that is an entirely different topic altogether).

Getting multiple listings in the SERPs is not difficult, if you use the right SEO techniques and work with a skilled SEO firm to get great results. Here are three ways that you can get multiple listings in the SERPs, and secure your place at the top of the search results quickly:

1. Multiple avenues will help you secure multiple listings on the first page of the SERPs: Don’t limit your SEO techniques to only the traditional means, though these should be very strong. Consider getting links from article directories, social media and forums. Google likes to see diversity in your presentation, and not just have your main home page occupy multiple spots. Make sure that you have blog posts properly optimized, as well as any articles that you submit, to increase the chances of them being indexed and displayed in the SERPs accordingly.

2. Use press releases when you can: Some SEO firms are suggesting that using press releases may be an obsolete way to advertise online, but it is definitely a technique that still shows plenty of promise and you can often get a high quality link by publishing a great press release. Because press releases are seen as a different type of content, they can be a great way to diversify your online presence.

3. Local search listings need to be explored: Make sure that you are getting maximum exposure in the SERPs from local listings and local search. Google is looking for businesses that have complete, informative listings, and when you include your keywords and plenty of information about your business, you will find that the local listing appears higher in the SERPs. Again, this gives you yet another avenue to explore when it comes to expanding your hold on the first page of the SERPs.

Controlling multiple spots on the first page of the SERPs is not difficult, if you use the right SEO techniques. Each piece of content that you use, from the content on your site, to blog posts, to forum posts, to social media, to press releases and more, must be properly optimized so that the search engines not only recognize the information but properly index the page for presentation in the SERPs. Always follow the keywords that you are using to ensure that they are popular enough to be worth your while—ranking super high for unsearched for keywords is not going to get you very far, even if it does look good to see the SERPs for those keywords. Remember, you want to be ahead of the competition, and occupying more spots on the top page is one way to do that.

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