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How Big Data Changes Online Business Plans

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Analytics is taking a slight turn, especially when it comes to online business. The collection and management, and interpretation, of big data is helping business owners to make more effective decisions about their marketing plan, and their  SEO techniques. The collection and management of big data is helping online business owners to better track the activities of their customers, and allow them to make relevant marketing decisions as a result. Big data is not necessarily new data, just a different way of collecting and measuring numbers.

When you take on big data for your company, you are including your customers (albeit unknowingly) as consultants, of a sort. Because big data tracks the customers’ activities, you are essentially having the customer passively tell you exactly how to run your business so that it is most successful.

Here are three ways in which you can use big data and apply it to the search engine optimization plan for your small online business:

1. Track keyword searches: This means all keyword searches, not just the ones that visitors use to get to your site. The trends that you find in keyword searches typically identify the hottest trending topics. If you keep yourself aware of the top keyword searches that are performed, both within and outside of your niche, you can start to get a bigger idea about how people are spending their money. Are all of the top 10 keyword searches performed on celebrity names? How about diet plans? Travel destinations? When you look at this data, you can start to see where the economy is going, and how you will fit in as a small business. Will you be better off using AdWords right now or should you be setting up a shopping cart?

2. Use big data for product development: Big data is critical to research and development (R&D) for new products. When you can review large sets of data, especially about customer use and reviews, you can often predict which products and services are going to be most successful, and what changes you may have to make to existing products and services to make them more attractive to customers.

3. Segment customers based on behaviors and habits: By using big data and interpreting it carefully, you can better segment your audience and target them according to their habits and preferences very closely. This can help you to maximize your conversion rate because you can offer promotions to groups of customers in ways that are very effective. Big data helps you determine who buys what when, and how they are using your products and services.

Using big data is not a new idea, but it is something that, as an online marketing specialist, you should be considering as part of your marketing plan. Altering your SEO plan based on big data can also help you to rank better in the SERPs, get more traffic, and maximize conversions. Digital information can be very powerful, although sorting through it can be cumbersome. It might be time to enlist the help of an online marketing firm, one who works with clients based on interpretation of big data.

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