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Holiday Prep for Your Online Website

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The holidays are here and online shopping is only growing. This combination of factors means that you need to be vigilant about your website promotion and how you are advertising online and getting visitors to convert and spend their money with your company. Your search engine optimization efforts should be adjusted accordingly to get the most out of the season. Every online retailer is hoping to get more than their fair share of holiday shoppers, and competition is quite fierce. The economy is slowly improving, and online shopping is on the rise. Let your online marketing company help with the SEO that will keep your company’s profits booming.

Prepare ahead for the rush, and keep track of the timing. Here are three ways that you can help your website do a little better this holiday season and make you feel more cheerful:

1. Offer holiday discounts: Use your social media connections to advertise sales and promotional events. Offer bulk discounts, special Black Friday or Cyber Monday deals. Remember that there are two extra shopping days this year between Black Friday and Christmas!

2. Offer local discounts: Your online marketing company should be helping you to focus heavily on your local marketing efforts as well as your global ones. Work local keywords into your content, starting just before the heavy shopping season kicks off. People are still more likely to do business with local merchants, as long as the offers and pricing is competitive.

3. Link to other related businesses and affiliates: The holiday season is definitely a great time to focus on your affiliate marketing efforts. You can build up some great links by affiliating with related companies, and you can even offer bundled deals that will be even more attractive to your customers.

4. Adjust your theme or add holiday cheer to your site:  Your online marketing agency will help you to make your site more cheerful and add some holiday spirit. You can be sure to add the tags and titles with your keywords to ensure that the pages are properly indexed when the spiders come to crawl.

5. Pay attention to what the big guns are up to: If you sell products and services that are available through larger companies, pay attention to how they are promoting their products. You need to know what you are up against when assessing the competition. Your internet marketing firm can help to ensure that your SEO is adjusted accordingly, in terms of tags, titles and links, to make sure that your site ranks as well as possible all throughout the holiday season.

Monitoring your SEO is important. Small changes can have big results, at least in a short term. The holiday season may be one time of year that you consider some of the smaller changes that have those big results, because, this special shopping time of year can be more profitable than the other three quarters of the year combined! Your digital marketing agency should be able to help you with the changes that will help your SEO.

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