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Great Ideas for Content Marketing

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Content marketing is one of the biggest drives in today’s internet marketing world, and figuring out how to get the best content out there for your small business is a big part of the content marketing problem. There are definitely some types of content that are going to do better than others, so focusing on the format that you are using can help you get more exposure. You don’t simply have to keep on writing article after article, or blog post after blog post.

Here are some great ideas for getting some content out there, in different forms that you may be used to. Try these and see if you can generate even more traffic than ever before.

1. Interview experts in the field. Instead of coming up with your own completely new and different content, interview an expert or another professional in the field, and develop a post based on the interview. Include quotes, credentials and other information that makes the post interesting and believable. Interviews can be especially interesting and help visitors to come back repeatedly. Experts can often provide lengthy explanations, in depth tips and anecdotes that may be otherwise hard to come by for the average internet marketer. Finding the right expert is important, but can be extremely powerful for your content development. An ongoing series of “meet the expert” or “expert reviews” may be a big draw for traffic.

2. Develop “top” lists. Develop posts that include the “top 10” or “top 3” tips, ideas or other things that can be ranked. This is often a real selling point, especially when included in the title. Surveys show that those articles and posts that claim to offer the “top” or “best” anything are more likely to be opened. If your lists include plenty of your best keywords, then it will truly help your organic search engine optimization efforts, as well. Be sure that you vary the types of information included in your lists, and you will keep your visitors interested.

3. Review products and services.Posts and articles that review products and services, or review groups of products or services, often rank well. Online shoppers are often drawn to reviews as they are shopping. More than 80% of shoppers claim to be reviewing products and services before making a purchase. Make your reviews interesting by taking information from real consumers. You can get information by surveying customers, offering online forums and asking for feedback on items purchased or not purchased.

Content marketing is a big part of internet marketing, and will be a major factor if you are working with a digital marketing firm. Typical packages will include not only search engine optimization strategies but also ongoing content development, and the content should always be geared toward your marketing efforts. This means it needs to be informative, interesting and relevant, and that it also needs to be carefully integrated into your SEO plan by using the right keywords and links. All parts of your internet marketing plan need to work together to ensure success!

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