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Getting More Leads Through Content Marketing

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Nearly everyone involved in internet marketing is now using some sort of content marketing, and more than half of those marketers intend to increase their efforts in this area during the next year, according to recent surveys. What this means is that you really have to be on the ball when it comes to your content marketing efforts, because everyone is really pushing to make their campaign work. Working with a top internet marketing firm may help you develop a solid and effective campaign. Generally speaking, it seems to be the smaller companies that are trying to use content marketing that are spending more time and effort in this area.

Content marketing helps your online marketing plan in several ways, including helping with branding, increasing awareness and lead generation, and it certainly helps with your SEO plan because of the links and awareness that result and lead to more traffic. Here are three ways that content marketing can help with lead generation:

1. Content Exchange: Content marketing helps with lead generation by getting people to sign up for email lists in exchange for content (e.g., newsletters, whitepapers, webinars, subscriptions, mobile apps, etc.). This is a more passive way to use your content marketing, because you are waiting for people to want access to your information. You are presenting the information, attempting to lure them into becoming leads. This is a very successful way to build your email list and generate leads, but you have to have sufficient traffic to your site (this is where your SEO plan becomes very important) in order to get the numbers of leads you need to have enough for good conversion rates.

2. Framed Content: When you properly frame your content, you are delivering it in a way that helps increase conversion optimization. The content is delivered in a way that the visitor is compelled to want more, to sign up for an email list or make a purchase. Framed content is not necessarily a veiled sales pitch, though it does have to meet the criteria necessary for convincing a visitor or customer to take action. A strong call to action is a good way to frame content and encourage conversions.

3. Content Linking: When visitors are perusing your content and finding helpful links to other interesting content that is available from related authority sites or other relevant niches and affiliates, you can increase not only the number of leads, but also the number of conversions that you get. This is another important way to develop leads. When you are enticing the visitor with additional information and links, ones that only “members” are privy to, then you are going to be able to generate more leads, and ultimately more conversions.

With content marketing becoming more and more crucial for an online marketing plan, it is important that you carefully consider how you diversify and frame your content so that you can maximize both lead generation and conversions. The more active your content marketing is, the more success you will find.

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