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Five No No’s for Local SEO

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Local SEO

You’re managing a business, and you’re looking to obtain customers through a particular geographic region. Your competitors aren’t focusing too hard on local SEO. You realize an opportunity. You decide in placing resources to build up your rankings for your local search.

You realize the importance of localized search. You can obtain ridiculously high visibility, the purchasing intent of potential customers is extremely high, localized search is used often and it’s also very efficient. In going at local search engine optimization, keep these five definite no no’s in mind.

1) Thinking local SEO is the same as traditional SEO
Local SEO is very different when compared to traditional SEO. The importance of backlinks in local SEO isn’t as important. In other words, links simply don’t matter as much when it comes to local SEO. Googles’ local search algorithm treats links completely differently than its standard algorithm.

2) Put all efforts towards online resources
At times, it can be difficult to separate local search engine optimization from its traditional counterpart. In the traditional sense, most of your efforts are online. In local search, citations matter as do reviews. You need to focus offline, with your actual customers, and have them provide reviews for your service. If you’re a law firm or a talent agency, for example, you need to speak to your clients, and provide them the avenues to leave positive reviews for your service. Even more, you need to be focusing on the actual quality of the product or service you offer.

3) Don’t think about your user experience
Keeping on the topic of your customers, it’s important to focus on your customers’ actual user experience. This means focusing on your business. Google implements a ranking factor that determines merchants who are always providing poor service. This can affect your rankings. Want more positive reviews? Provide exceptional user experience.

4) Focus only on Google for local SEO

Local SEO Icons

While it’s obvious that Google is the key player in the search space, it’s important to broaden your focus to include site that aren’t Google. Other sites to look at can be Yahoo, Ask, Yellowbook, Citysearch, Yellowpages, LocalPages, SuperPages, FourSquare, TomTom, Bing and DexKnows. If you’re only focusing on Google, you’re missing a boat load of opportunity.

5) Using a PO Box Address
For whatever reason, having a PO Box might be the way you do business. If you’re working towards local listings on Google, and you have a PO Box as your address, CHANGE IT. Why? “Listings submitted with a PO Box address will be removed” – Google. That’s why.

Local SEO will truly impact your business
Local SEO is a fantastic way to generate business. It provides an efficient, simply, way for your customers to find you. There are different tactics required in order to list high for local search. It’s also generally easier to get listed and noticed. There are a number of online tactics you can utilize to get listed. At the end of the day, your customers’ true satisfaction and experience is what will truly have you ranked number one in your local search area.

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