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Developing a Controversial Blog Post for More Traffic

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Let’s face it, blogging can get tedious at times. Day after day you come up with content that is intended to captivate your readers. Ideally, you succeed in doing this most of the time, but, admit it, sometimes it can be fun to stir the pot a little just to get some attention. Writing some controversial blog posts now and then can help you accomplish this. It can also be built right into your regular search engine optimization plan, because you should always be using your keywords and considering your links and text, as well.

Controversial blog posts need not be so controversial that they offend people, rather they should be provocative in a way that may elicit some emotional responses and some comments and interaction from your visitors. Here are four tips for creating controversial blog posts that may help bring you more visitors, may have the potential to go viral, and will almost definitely increase the interest of your readers.

1. Always be respectful. First and foremost, if you are choosing to address topics that are controversial, or at least very thought provoking and emotional, then you may have to remind yourself that respect is the key. Offer your opinions as just that—opinions. We all know, everyone is entitled to them, and people are entitled to disagree—just do so respectfully.

2. Respond to comments and questions. The main idea behind writing controversial blog posts is to generate a higher level of interest. Typically this will result in having visitors comment or pose questions to you, perhaps even challenging your position on a topic. Always respond, unless of course the comment is rude, vulgar or otherwise not fit for the professional appearance of your site. These posts are intended to make your site better—do not lower yourself to the level of someone who uses profanity or insults just to get the traffic.

3. Back up your opinions. Stating your opinion is not really enough to generate interest from your readers. You should make sure that you are including information or facts that can help to back up your position. Controversy is a terrific tool for content marketing, and most online marketing agencies are working with their clients to work this into their content management strategy because it is so effective. But, it still has to be well done, like any content.

The element of surprise, or adding the unexpected is often enough for you to really grab the readers. It can be done in your title, or in the content of your post. When you put something out there that is thought provoking and perhaps a bit controversial, you are really showing your depth as a blogger and that you have something very interesting to offer. The surprise factor will make your posts more memorable, and can help drive more traffic to your site through your regular readership—and, don’t forget, the new readers that you will gain because these are exactly the types of posts that get shared on social media. The exposure that you will gain from a little controversy is not very controversial!

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