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Develop Stronger Content Using the Right Keywords

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Stronger ContentA better placement in the search engine results will depend on your organic SEO techniques. Much of this begins with your keyword research, and choosing the best keywords to represent the content and intent of your site. As SEO techniques seem to get more complicated, some internet marketers appear to forget some of the basics, the things that are so critical to your ranking and to your traffic in general. Getting conversions may be the ultimate goal of your efforts, but the keywords and content are what drive the traffic and customers to your site in the first place, and this is what ultimately affects the user experience very significantly.

If you want to truly connect with traffic through organic search engine optimization, then you really need to be focused on great keyword research—which might not be exactly what you expect. Three things to remember when selecting keywords are:

1. Use both broad and highly specific keywords: If your site is related to listing local apartments and helping landlords find management services, then you certainly want to include more broad or generic terms like “apartments in Houston” or “rental houses in Houston area,” but you may be able to generate some traffic by adding in specific street names, neighborhoods, or even sizes (two bedroom, over 1000 square feet, etc.). People are searching both broad and very specific terms to find what they are looking for, and you will get some hits when you have exactly what they need. Plus, it will be easy to rank for those terms, as compared with the broader terms. Be sure to test and keep track of the keywords you choose to monitor results.

2. Use keywords that are product-specific: Niche specific keywords are great, and need to be included, but you should also include plenty of product specific keywords and phrases, too, since people are often searching for specific model numbers, sizes, colors, etc. Including a variety of these within your SEO techniques will squeeze at least a little more traffic in your direction.

3. Include unique content in your product descriptions: When selling products on your website, it is important that your content be unique to your page, and not directly copied from a manufacturer’s website, since there may be other companies that are selling the same products and doing just that. This is a great place to include your additional broad and specific keywords. Your SEO techniques begin with your keywords, but then extend into your unique content development using those keywords. Unique content not only pleases the search engines, but your users will appreciate your efforts to stand out among the competition.

When choosing the keywords that are going to be best for your ecommerce or internet marketing website, remember that you have to use broad strokes in some cases, but also make sure to have enough specific keywords so that you can be highly ranked in the SERPs for some of the more specific searches that users are entering. When you have the right combination of keywords, your content will fall into place and turn into unique and interesting content that is exactly what your visitors are searching for.

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