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Conversion Optimization: What Must Be on Your Landing Page

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Conversion Optimization
Many webmasters wonder exactly how to develop the perfect landing page. Are there certain elements that can help or hurt the success of your landing page? What conversion optimization techniques are available to help increase profits and success? When you work with a company that provides full service internet marketing support, like Gadzoog, conversion optimization is only one of the services that you will receive. Your landing pages will have the perfect elements that lead to success with your internet marketing strategy.

Having a structured approach to your conversion optimization plan is what matters most, not short term adjustments and changes that may have temporary effects on the results. When it comes to internet marketing, “slow and steady” usually wins the race. However, with that said, there are a few things that are common elements of highly successful landing pages, things you should be thinking about when planning for conversion optimization and thinking about how to increase profits. Here are two important examples of quality landing page components, things that are an absolute must for your landing page:

1. Call to Action: Always remember that your call to action actually has several components, including clarity, relevance and urgency. The offer should be clear. All benefits should be explained so that the customer knows exactly what they are getting and what to expect. And, there should be some urgency. Unless you urge visitors to act fast, they usually won’t. Most people will tend to wait, look around, and end up elsewhere, unless you convince them to act right away. Make sure your call to action is effective in this manner. Companies like Gadzoog offer strong development of landing pages, with compelling “call to action” messages.

2. Eye Contact: This is an important part of any marketing strategy. Consider what you notice on billboards or in newpaper ads (for those of you who still read a newspaper). Your gaze is drawn to a specific part of the advertisement, and that is usually by design (or the efforts of some sharp marketing professionals). What are the drawing features of your advertisement and your landing page? Where will the visitor make eye contact? Ideally the eye contact should be at or near the call to action, so that is what is noticed first. Avoid too much clutter, and too much extraneous information or images. Help the visitor’s gaze to be directed immediately to the important parts: your call to action, specifically.

Having these two major components included in your landing page development will significantly improve your conversion rates, and get more profits directly to your company. Development of a landing page should be done carefully, and as part of a full fledged internet marketing strategy, it is not something that usually stands alone and performs well. Choosing to work closely with a search marketing firm that offers conversion optimization services, like Gadzoog, will improve the chances of your website and landing pages being successful, by not only increasing the visibility of your landing page and the traffic to that page, but ensuring that once visitors arrive, they will quickly make the decision to click through to your offer and convert.

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