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Content Generation Focuses on Informational Content

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Content GenerationContent generation needs to include more than just putting words on your website pages. There needs to be a plan for your content development, and it has to be comprehensive enough to keep your site afloat and keep your visitors happy enough to not only spend their money or sign up for your services, but to keep on coming back for more.

Because the trend is for users to actually enter questions in the keyword searches, providing information is becoming more important than ever. People are becoming less likely to use just keywords as they surf the net for what they need, they are, more and more, entering in specific questions. Whether or not you can answer those questions may help determine how much traffic you get to your website, how long they stay, and whether or not they return again for more.

Here are three things that are important for your content generation:

1. Develop your content as if you were trying to start a “conversation” with your readers: Make every attempt to engage your readers and help them to become more interested in what you have to offer. Ask questions in your text, and answer some of them, but perhaps consider leaving some questions unanswered so that you can either revisit them at a later date in another post, or encourage your readers to provide the answers or their own opinions on the subject. People love to be asked for their opinion, so this can be a very effective way to engage the readers and open a dialogue.

2. Develop your content with a mix of evergreen and current content: Ensuring that a percentage (hopefully a good percentage) of your content is evergreen, meaning that it will not necessarily change or become obsolete, is important. You do not want your visitors to arrive to find only content that is outdated. Update any time limited content regularly, to ensure that everything visitors find is going to be useful. For example, information about events that have ended, outdated or discontinued products or other dated information should be removed. When you develop plenty of evergreen content you will have a much easier time with this task. Consider “how to” and explanatory pieces to be evergreen content, and you can often have a great deal of this type of content on your site, which will be extremely helpful to your visitors.

3. Develop your content with a purpose: Some of your content may be better suited for a blog post, other types of content may work better on your main website. Informational content that is more of the evergreen type often works best on your main site, while blog posts are often designed to be more fluid and capture what is happening in the moment. Use both types of content, and balance them, considering where you are going to place them for maximum visibility by both your visitors and the search engines.

All sites should have a variety of content types on them, including evergreen and time limited, to maximize the interest of the visitors. Work with your SEO firm to have a solid content generation strategy that is going to accomplish exactly what you need to be successful.

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