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Choose Your Words Carefully for Great SEO

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Developing your internet marketing website takes methodical planning and frequent testing if you want to be successful. Part of that testing includes making sure that the language and wording that you use is going to be what attracts not only traffic, but also conversions and sales. The keywords you select to target can make or break your success, and are essentially the cornerstone to your search engine optimization. Careful keyword research, usually with the help of SEO agencies, is what will be most helpful. Without great keywords, used properly, even the best sites won’t make it to the top.

Here are four strategies that SEO agencies use to find the best keywords for your search engine optimization. Consider these tips when developing your SEO techniques:

1. Test your headlines: Try using different headlines for the same article and compare the analytics for each. You can find out which wording will attract the most visitors by comparing the data. Understand that what seems most obvious to you may not, in reality, be the headline that captures the most attention. But, the headline for any article or post is the first thing that people see, and unless it intrigues them, they will not read on. When you find the headline that works better, remove the other articles and focus on promoting the ones that are most effective.

2. Set up multiple pay per click ads: Using Google AdWords, you can find several options for choosing keywords for your ads. Experiment with the keywords, and develop multiple ads and landing pages using the different words. After a few weeks, it will become obvious which ones are going to be successful. Eliminate the ads that are not making you money, and concentrate on the ones that are profitable. Remember, this can change over time, or change quickly, so close monitoring will be necessary.

3. Keep it simple: When choosing keywords and developing your ads and content, remember that your headlines and ad copy should be clear and concise. Too much humor, or headlines that are clever plays on words may be great at first, but will lose their punch quickly because they are ultimately ambiguous. “Buy one get one free” may, in the end, be far more effective than anything clever that you come up with.

4. Follow social media trends: Use the same keywords that you are testing on your site in your social media campaigns, and keep track of how visitors get to your site through your analytics. In a short time, it should become obvious which of your keywords get the most attention, and these are going to be the ones you want to be focused on in the present time.

For your internet marketing website, you have to focus on the basics of driving traffic. Your chosen keywords, and how you use them, is critical to your SEO techniques. Test, test and retest your options frequently, or choose to work with SEO companies that can help you get to the top more quickly than you might be able to do yourself. When you use the words that your potential customers are really looking for and responding to, you will be more successful.

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  1. These are fairly obvious hints but it’s nice to see them gathered and summarized concisely. They are really only useful on a site that is already generating some reasonable amount of traffic. I wonder how these agencies figure out the best keywords for a new site with little to no traffic yet.

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