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  • Getting More Leads Through Content Marketing

    Nearly everyone involved in internet marketing is now using some sort of content marketing, and more than half of those marketers intend to increase their efforts in this area during the next year, according to recent surveys. What this means is that you really have to be on the ball when it comes to your content marketing efforts, because everyone is really pushing to make their campaign work. Working with a top internet marketing firm may help you develop a solid and effective campaign. Generally speaking, it seems to be the smaller companies that are trying to use content marketing […]

  • 5 Ways to Make SEO Part of Your Online Marketing Business Goals

    Failing to plan usually translates into planning to fail. You can lessen the likelihood of failure for your online business by developing a strong business plan, one that incorporates sales and marketing goals, specific ways to measure progress and elements that relate to both online and offline marketing and advertising. Here are five things to remember when developing your business goals, these factors will help to increase the likelihood of success and help you reach your goals more quickly: 1. Specificity: When you develop specific goals, you are going to be better able to target them, and develop interim objectives […]

  • How Social Do You Have to Be for Search Marketing Success?

    Maybe you have always been a bit of a wallflower, and this may actually be one reason why internet marketing has always been alluring to you. You can be very successful, yet still keep a comfortable distance from socializing with people and a certain degree of anonymity. Doing business online can make this much easier. But, there is now a new problem when it comes to avoiding the social contact required for business success. You can’t avoid it any longer. In order to be successful with search engine marketing, you have to now develop your social presence with your network, […]

  • SEO and Internet Marketing Trends Expected for 2013

    With 2012 coming to a quick close, and most internet marketing folks are still recovering from the major changes that came about over the past year, it is time to start planning for next year. Planning means that you are developing your budget, planning your time, organizing ideas, revamping your site as necessary. It is important to come out of the gate strong in the new year, and the new year may provide some new opportunities to refresh your online marketing priorities and get your SEO techniques in order. Recent surveys from Strong Mail and other marketing companies are indicating […]

  • Important Reasons to Have a Business Blog

    With most people conducting a majority of their business online, like shopping, banking, and more, it is nearly essential that every business get a blog going. A blog can help to truly magnify your web presence, and increase the visibility and the traffic that gets to your website by helping with your SEO. There are many free platforms that will lead you through the steps that are required to create your blog, or you can work with an internet marketing company and creating a blog will usually be a part of the big package. Running a blog doesn’t cost much […]

  • 5 Biggest Google SEO Changes from 2012

    At the start of 2012, Google seemed to come out of the gate with both barrels blasting. They were ready to show webmasters that they were serious about improving the quality of sites, and improving the user’s experience. These changes left many webmasters reeling, and scrambling to make changes and improvements. By now, most online marketing companies seem to have a good handle on what is working and what the necessary changes are to cooperate with the new and improved algorithms and get back to a good search engine placement. Here is a recap of some of the biggest changes […]

  • Back to Basics: 4 Keyword Research Mistakes to Avoid

    Keyword research is essentially the foundation for any great SEO campaign. Without this fundamental piece of the puzzle, it is difficult to get ahead and get your site ranked in the SERPs. Many webmasters just don’t take keyword research seriously enough, and this will ultimately limit how much SEO can be done, and how much it can help. Online marketing firms often specialize in keyword research, which can help you build a solid SEO plan. Here are four common mistakes when it comes to keyword research that you want to avoid: 1. Looking for broad match: When it comes to […]

  • The Kind of Content That Gets You Noticed

    By now, you are listening to the advice of all of the online marketing companies and adding fresh content regularly to your site. Hopefully, you are using your keywords, titles, tags and anchor text effectively and seeing a steady rise in your search engine placement for your targeted keywords. Are there things that you can do to tweak your content to try and get even more visibility? Yes! Since not all content is created equal, there are certain kinds that may help you to get more visibility than just a regular post or article. Try these suggestions: 1. Invite comments: […]

  • Catering to the Content Skimmers

    When composing your content for your site and your blog, you may put endless hours into getting it “just right.” You are considering your audience, their interest level, the targeted keywords, the images the length of the post and more. It’s a bitter pill to swallow when you consider that most of your readers will simply skim the content, barely reading it. Yes, you will have some readers who scour each and every word, hungrily devouring everything you have to say, but the majority of your readers are trying to get as much as possible done in the least amount […]

  • How Your SEO Benefits from Using Google Products

    It’s true, the focus of many online marketing companies seems to be on Google placement, with a secondary focus on other search engines like Bing and Yahoo. While you want to ensure that you can be picked up by any of the search engines and ranked well, there are some notable advantages when it comes to ranking in Google when you are using Google products, like Google+, Adwords, Google Shopping, Google Places and more. There are a few important considerations, reasons why this can help with your placement in the SERPs. Google pays close attention to what their users want, […]


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