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  • Broaden Your Reach with Google Display

    Google search is one way that internet marketers are advertising online, but it is definitely not the only way. Google Display Network is another angle to build on, and one that can expand the results that you are seeing from the search network. Traditional search involves the user typing in keywords or phrases, and getting a listing of results to choose from, based on the relevance to the keywords and the site ranking. Google Display Network takes this another step further, by offering targeted ads based on the searches and search history of the users. Similar to Google AdWords, topics […]

  • SEO and PPC Collaboration

    SEO and PPC (pay per click) work naturally well together, and using both can maximize your profits by getting you the most organic and the most paid visitors, by combining your techniques. Hopefully by now your online marketing plan includes a solid pay-per-click component, like the ones available through AdWords, and that you are starting to see some profits trickle in from this technique. When customers arrive at your PPC landing page, you only have a few seconds to convince them to convert. How are you going to accomplish that? If you are not seeing the conversions that you had […]

  • 4 Tips for Exciting Blog Posts

    Have you been struggling to come up with exciting blog posting material? Not all blog topics are created equal. Some are inherently easier to write about and just naturally more interesting and will attract more readers. There are a few things that can help you create blog posts that will inspire your readers and get them interested in your topic, no matter how “dry” it might be. Your approach to your blog posts does matter, and can turn even the most ho-hum blog into something that readers crave, wanting to find out what is coming next. Here are four basic […]

  • The Big Picture for SEO This Year

    Everyone is busy making their resolutions come alive at this point in the New Year. Hopefully you haven’t already abandoned yours! Focusing on improving your website should be topping your list, if you are planning on success in the internet marketing world, and getting your SEO techniques brushed up so that you can watch your search engine placement rise over the next year should be a priority. Following some of the important updates from last year, you have to remember to be focused on the overall quality of your site, and the users’ experience. Here are three things to ask […]

  • Seasonal Issues for SEO

    When the new year arrives, internet marketers get busy with updating their business plans and making some new adjustments to their SEO plan. Even though most are working on this year round, the new year invites a reflection, and is a good time to take an objective look at how things are going, and make some decisions about how to proceed. New goals, new objectives and new methods all come into play. January is traditionally a slower month for all retail, whether online or not. As an internet marketer, you may find that you are scrambling to get the leads […]

  • How to Become an Authority Site

    Becoming an authority site is one of the goals of most internet marketers. With the SERPs being very competitive, this can be a major challenge, but not one that cannot be overcome with the right SEO plan and the right SEO techniques. Many online marketers turn to digital marketing agencies to try and get ahead of the competition and find a faster way to climb in the rankings. Getting to the top, and becoming established as an authority, however, takes time. It rarely happens overnight. Having patience and persistence is necessary to make your way to the place you dream […]

  • Tips to Develop a Solid Content Marketing Strategy

    Content marketing is more than a buzz word. The content that you put on your site needs to be of the highest quality, and interesting. This helps with your SEO plan, as well as your sales plan. Many webmasters have been leaning toward quantity, and skipping out on quality, thinking that this is how the algorithms have been leading them. Unfortunately, they are going to find that the content that they include on their sites is critically important. Providing the right content is only part of the process, you need to provide the right content at the right time in […]

  • Identifying Spam Comments to Help Your SEO

    As a webmaster, you are probably constantly inundated with spam comments for your posts. There are definitely ways to handle these comments, and to prevent them from actually being viewed on your site, or having unnatural links appear from disreputable sites. It does take some time and effort to ensure that you are only having true authors appear on your site, and only real comments. Make sure that you have things set up so that approval is necessary and no comments will appear without your explicit consent. When you get true comments, you can often get a quality link, which […]

  • SEO Companies Leaning Toward Link Earning

    In the olden days (meaning before Panda and Penguin), one of the main factors for success in internet marketing and getting a good placement in the SERPs was to build up tons and tons of links. The number of links that you had for your site was seen as a sign of internet marketing prowess. “Look how many links I have!” and “How many links do you have for your site?” were common remarks buzzing around in the world of online marketing. Then, with the algorithm updates, those remarks changed, often to “How many unnatural links do you have?” or […]

  • What’s Happening to the SERPs?

    If you are carefully monitoring your keyword results, then you might have started to become aware of a trend in the SERPs to display only up to seven listings, as opposed to the traditional ten that most people expect to see when they type in a search. Is it something to worry about? Are there now going to be fewer spots for webmasters to compete for? Is this related to the updates that have been experienced over the past year or so? Cause for Concern? Many internet marketers are concerned about their placement in the SERPs for keywords that are […]


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