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Can You Make Your Content Go Viral?

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SEO companyBy now you know the importance of content marketing. You probably try to come up with interesting bits each day or week for your audience, hoping that you are getting it right. Ideally, you have some idea about what they are looking for because you have been closely following the metrics and keeping tabs on the makeup of your audience and their needs and preferences. Some webmasters become frustrated with content marketing, thinking that there must be faster ways to build a following and increase conversion rates. But, if you work with an SEO company, most of the good ones are going to tell you to stick with the content marketing, along with your other marketing methods, and be patient. Building a strong and loyal following takes time, and content marketing is an important part of it.

Creating content that will get noticed is what you are aiming to do. The most skilled, or actually more like the luckiest, content marketers are eventually going to produce something that will go viral, or virtually explode online and suddenly give you dramatic amounts of exposure and traffic. This type of content is not common, but it is possible. As you develop your content, think of certain thing that can help it “go viral” and get you that incredible exposure. Here are three tips that can help you develop the kind of content that is most likely to go viral:

1. Understand the meaning of “going viral”: There is not a specific formula that will guarantee that your content will go viral. However, understanding what it means when this happens is important. To “go viral” basically means that a large number of people are exposed to your content in a very short period of time, through sharing and linking. This is why it is so important to create content that is going to generate true emotions in your readers, and the desire for them to share those emotional experiences with others by making sure that they see your content as well. It will be very difficult for any content that you produce to go viral without being shared on social media networks, so be sure to include these places on your list of locations to post content.

2. Understand the emotions to engage: To go viral, content must engage readers on an emotional level. But, not all emotions are created equally, and to engage readers on a negative level may make your content go viral, and you will get exposure, but it might not be the best exposure to get. Instead, create content that invokes an emotional response, but one that helps you connect with the reader, not distance yourself from them.

3. Understand how quickly you need to engage the reader: In order to get a good emotional response, you have to engage the reader nearly immediately. Don’t make them suffer through a long introduction, whether you are using text, audio or video content. Get into the nuts and bolts quickly, or you will lose their interest. Even the greatest, most interesting content will get lost if you do not engage the reader right away, leaving you with no chance of going viral.

Setting out to create viral content is a challenging ambition. Instead of aiming for a viral response, concentrate on the quality of the content, understanding what it does take for your content to go viral. Use the services of a professional SEO firm so that you can generate large amounts of high quality content and have the best chances of increasing your visibility and building brand awareness.

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