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Can Controversial Blog Posts Help With SEO?

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You probably understand the importance of adding regular content, and you are hopefully working with an online marketing firm that is committed to getting you the content you need to engage your visitors, and to groom them into loyal followers. When used properly, content and blog posts will serve as a way for you to keep in touch with your customers and followers, and allow them to keep up with what is going on in your niche. Webmasters often find that it can be challenging to continuously come up with new and interesting information, day in and day out. Can it help you to put out something that is a little controversial? Will that give a little spark to your content and get your visitors more excited about what they are going to find when they arrive at your site?

Controversy should be interesting, not argumentative. Keep in mind that if you want to engage readers, you can introduce a controversial topic, and this may stimulate some comments or emails, and could lead to not only some new customers but some very interesting debate. When introducing controversy in your content, make sure you are doing this in a polite way, and a way that is going to be digestible to your visitors. A topic that hits too many hot buttons will be a turn off. You certainly do not want your readers to go on to the social media sites and start reporting that your company is disreputable or that there is incorrect information or posts that may come across as ignorant or too inflammatory. This can help you with SEO because you will be mentioned in social media networks and get more links to your site, or more traffic since people will be more interested.

Use controversy as a gimmick, and use it sparingly. Not every post has to be controversial, but you can certainly introduce a topic that will get people talking about their opinions. It might be an opinion about the best methods for removing unwanted hair, or even something more polarizing like recycling or something like that. After you offer your controversial post, including a well thought out and well presented opinion, ask your readers to comment and share their own opinions. When you have comments and pingbacks, or your post gets shared on the social sites, you will get high quality links, which will help your SEO. Online marketing agencies are encouraging this type of SEO tactics.

Know the topic well before introducing controversy. Few things will be as annoying to your readers and visitors as reading a controversial post that is written by someone who clearly does not have a solid grasp on the topic. If you are presenting a controversial opinion, be sure to back it up.

Controversial posts will engage your visitors on an emotional level, which means that they will be more interested in what you are offering. Online marketing companies can help you with the development of content that stirs up a little controversy, just make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row and you know what you are talking about. Your intelligent readers are going to enter into debate with you, and you want to come across as knowledgeable and professional at all times.

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