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Calculating the ROI on Your Content

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Calculating ROIThe return on investment for any one part of your online marketing plan is difficult to accurately calculate. Each aspect of your business plan will have a different value. One of the highest values might actually be your content, as this is often what drives traffic and sales. The ROI for your content comes in many forms, here are a few of the major things to consider when you are trying to accurately calculate the ROI on your content generation plan:

1. Lead generation: One of the major things that content generation will do for you is to generate leads for your internet marketing plan. Each lead that you get is a potential customer, or even a potential subscriber. There is hidden value in this measurement as well, as each of these people could potentially share your information, links and content on their own social media networks, giving you a great deal more visibility, and visibility that might not be easily measured.

2. Social shares: With the social signals being very highly respected these days by the search engines, and your search engine ranking depending partly on the number of social shares, measuring the numbers that you get from different parts of your content (think blog posts, articles, videos, whitepapers, etc.), is going to help you determine how valuable each type of content is, and how valuable each piece of content is.

3. Brand recognition: Your content should always be aimed at helping you to have better brand recognition and better visibility. Each piece that you do should mention or link to your branded information. Content marketing is directly related to increased visibility. The more visible your brand becomes, the more traffic you will get, just based on the fact that people have become more familiar with your brand over time.

4. Conversion rates: Obviously, this is a big one when it comes to content marketing. Once you have established leads, social shares and recognition, the conversions should hopefully begin to pour in. internet marketers who experience a conversion rate of 3-5% of their visitors are usually considered highly successful. Although this means that 95-97% of the visitors will not convert, when you have this conversion rate then you can expect a steady profit from your website business.

Keeping track of each of these aspects is important when you are trying to figure out an exact return on investment for your content marketing plan. Content is only one part of the overall internet marketing plan you should be using, and only one of the many solutions that will help you get the high ranking and conversions that you want. Use your analytics, and carefully check the data, or work closely with a professional SEO company to establish yourself as an authority in your niche and get the ROI that you need. Just remember that your content marketing can be a huge part of your ROI, but it is still only one of the parts that you need to focus on. Spread your efforts far, and you will reap the benefits!

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