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Boosting Traffic and SEO With New Content

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New ContentA big part of your search engine optimization plan is your content development. Being able to drive traffic to your site, using your content, is important for success in internet marketing. There is always going to be the challenge of finding topics to write on, or great leads for blog posts. While you should always be on the lookout for breaking news, there are some consistent ways that you can come up with new posts on a regular basis, so that you are constantly adding new content. If you are struggling too much, or it is taking up too much of your time, then you should consider hiring a search engine optimization agency that can help you with the content development and take that off of your to-do list.

There are different ways to use the content you develop. Many webmasters post regularly to the same page, blog style, and use the content as blog posts. Others may create new pages on a regular basis. There are some differing opinions from search marketing firms about which way is best, but most would lean toward the addition of new posts to a regular blog more frequently than adding a new page every time you write an article. Pages on your website are often better suited to providing a different category of information, or should be considered different sections of your site, not just a different post. However, if you choose to blog on multiple topics that are related, but you want them separated by category, then using separate pages is a good way to do this, you can focus on different keywords or phrases on each page, helping with the search engine optimization and indexing this way.

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There are different ways to generate new content. Some webmasters like to focus on current events, writing blog posts that recap certain newsworthy events or developments in the industry. This is great, if your industry or niche is one with a lot of action. Plus, when you are writing about things that others are also writing about, the search numbers will be high because it is a “trending topic,” and this will help to boost your SEO. However, if your industry is perhaps a little slower and more specific, like maybe stamp collecting, then you might not have breaking news on a regular basis and you should be considering other ways of generating content. When you do not have the exciting news, you can generate plenty of “how to” articles and posts that visitors will tend to find very helpful, often sharing them with their own contacts, which is great for your SEO.

When you finally run out of different topics, and this hopefully takes you a while, you can return to your older posts and find ways to make them new again. Take those basic topics that you started with, and expand upon them, making them deeper and more informative than before. This will definitely interest your visitors and help them to want to return for more, knowing that you still have more to share with them.

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