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Big Tips for Small Business Link Building

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Link building for small businesses is not as simple as it might be for the bigger players. So many of the tips that you read may seem to apply to those companies who already have a well established web presence and high visibility or page ranking in the SERPs. It can be frustrating to chip away at getting links, and only get a couple here and there. With the old fashioned methods of link building (link exchanges, link farms) becoming unfavorable and hazardous to your site’s health, but online marketing companies are still recommending that you build links, how you go about this can be tricky.

In order to build links for a smaller business, it is important to think about how you get your customers in the first place. If you are not yet finding your site ranking on the first page for your main keywords, then focusing on the social aspect that is involved in link building can be very smart. Build networks and relationships with others in your niche, on your social networks and in related industries.

1. Keep up with the Joneses: This does not mean that you should be paying attention to your neighbors; instead it means you should know what others in your niche are posting about and what the trending topics are. Use an RSS feed or Google Alerts to notify you when articles are posted containing your keywords and related keywords. This way, when something of interest pops up, you are ready to mobilize. When you work with an internet marketing company, this part is often included in a package deal, lessening the time you will need to spend doing it.

2. Share content from the blogs you like and the ones that you find useful: You can do this in a number of ways, such as “liking” or “favoriting” on Google+, Facebook and Twitter, or you can comment on the blog posts and articles. This is the first step you can take toward building a good relationship with others you want to network with. When you build relationships this way with other small businesses, everyone benefits. There is definitely strength in numbers, and you have to remember that these other small businesses are trying to get quality links, too. Promoting content on other blogs will not hurt your search engine placement, it is an investment in improving your search engine ranking.

3. Mention other blogs on your own: When you toss out a line to other bloggers, you are showing them that you are all in this together. Yes, internet marketing is a competitive industry, but in order to get to the top you may have to join forces with others. Look for opportunities for guest blogging, this is a great way for you to get links back from the other blogs by providing them with content.

4. Ask for other bloggers to share your content: As you continue to build relationships, you are going to be able to gradually add your URL to your comments and have the comments accepted. You are going to generate interest in your own blog by sharing content posted by others. Each of these things will help you to build the relationships you need to get ahead with your own small business.

These strategies are not going to help you build a ton of links overnight, but they will work incrementally toward helping you build relationships and, ultimately, build links to your site that are going to be high quality and relevant. This is what Google truly smiles upon and you will be rewarded with an improvement in your search engine ranking. Everyone wants to link to the big sites, but that is more challenging. Focus on the small steps that it takes to become a bigger name online is going to help.

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