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Be Sure to Focus on the User Experience

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SEO CompaniesUnless your online business continues to evolve and follow along with the many required changes, you will find that your competition passes you by, for several reasons. One of the biggest things that has changed, and mostly for the better, is that you, the internet marketing specialist, will be rewarded for focusing on the user’s experience and making your site one that people can enjoy and benefit from. SEO companies are heavily pushing webmasters toward concentrating more on the user’s experience, because it is factoring more and more into the search engine results.

Three things to work on that will help you improve the experience of your visitors, which will not only boost your rankings in the SERPs, but also improve customer loyalty, conversion rates and profits are:

1. Navigation simplicity:  Unless your site is very easy to get around, visitors will leave. People want instant gratification, and they want to arrive at your site and get the feeling right away that they have arrived at the right place. Having to take extra time to stumble through pages and menus will be a turn off. Not only should your home page be attention grabbing, but your web design strategy has to include many important components for navigation, including clear menu bars, uncluttered presentation, working links, logical organization, site search options and a site map. Visitors should instantly be aware of the general breadth of content that you are providing them, and they should be met with the feeling that they want to stick around and learn more.

2. Responsive web design: When you utilize responsive web design, you are allowing your mobile users as well as your PC users to have access to the same information, easily. Regular sites do not work very well on mobile device, especially when there is a great deal of information. Make it simple for your visitors to use any device they choose to get to you. You will see your traffic and conversions increase as a result. With the trend pushing so hard toward mobile, you really have to make sure that this is working well with your site.

3. Visitor interaction: How easy is it for visitors to get in touch with you? Do you include plenty of information in your contact section? How about a live chat? Are you interacting with your contacts and followers in the social media networks? How about using an email marketing campaign, and encouraging visitors to subscribe when they are at your site? These are all important ways that you can improve the user’s experience when they are on your website, and promote your company in a very positive light.

Ultimately, you have to have a very dynamic, interactive and informative site if you want to connect with the visitors and make sure that every user has a positive experience with your website. Each time someone has a favorable response, you get ahead because they will remember this, return and refer others as well. Check with your SEO firm to see how you can improve the user’s experience on your website and get ahead of the competition.

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