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7 Ways to Get Higher Quality Leads from Your Website

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Every year business owners spend thousands if not tens of thousands of dollars ineffectively trying to market their website. Many either neglect or are unaware of the tools available to them which would allow for enhancing the efficiency of their campaign and cut costs simultaneously. By following the 7 steps in this conversion optimization guide, you stand a significantly better chance at achieving your businesses, financial, and marketing goals.

Have a prominent call to action

Some of the questions that you need to ask yourself:

• Does my website have a clear call to action?

• Is my businesses contact information easily visible?

• Can your business be contacted right away such as a web form or email address?

• Does the web site visitor know what to expect from taking a given action?

Call to action simply means that your website needs to quickly convey theservices or products you offer and how you can assist the user in their needs. In addition to the user knowing what you do, they now need to know how to contact you. It is imperative that you not only have a contact page, but include a contact number directly on the homepage. It is also advisable that you use a contact form or attach a Vcard containing email, phone, and physical address.

Content Delivery

Just like going out to dinner, how you’re content appears on your web site matters too. Is your page far too wordy or designed for search engines instead of human users? Do you include audio or visual elements? It’s important to not only optimize websites for search engines, but for the human user experience as well. Ultimately it’s humans who are going to buy from you, so it would be advantageous to build you’re company website in a manner that is designed to sell.

Imagery and video that will perform successfully will likely vary by your industry, but there are some overall guidelines you should follow. These are short and to the point, simple and easily remembered, not overly complicated, and should quickly convey why your service is valuable to the visitor.

Give you audience something they value for free

Everyone likes something for free, soa great way to entice your leads into handing over their email addresses or contact info is by providing them with something of value. For example, white papers are increasingly common in the technology and internet industries and are an excellent way to introduce customers to your company, demonstrate your knowledge, and allow word of mouth to spread about your business. However, it’s important to note that your freebie doesn’t have to be a white paper, but should reflect your industry. Similarly, a musician might provide 30 second samples of their music on their website, iTunes, or MySpace page.

Build Trust

Building trust online is playing an ever more important role for businesses. With credit card scams left and right, fly by night companies, and identity theft all the rage, the online world has become a scary place for shoppers despite all of the so called “safe guards”.

You can work on developing your trust and building your brand in many ways. For example, ask past customers for testimonials whether they come in the form of text, audio, or visual any additional trust metric you can leverage will surely be advantageous. You can also utilize well known trust symbols such as VeriSign Trust Seal, HackerSafe™, BBB, and others depending on your industry.

Tracking & Analytics

One of the easiest yet most forgotten aspects of online marketing is tracking. It’s important that you take a couple minutes of your time or your web designer’s time to set up conversion tracking. If neither of you are familiar, then it is highly advisable you seek the counsel of an internet marketing professional. Simply put, you will needlessly waste thousands of dollars on keywords that might look great on your monitor, but that leave your wallet empty with no conversions. Free tools such as Google Analytics offer many of the features you will need to mine the most valuable information from your website visitors, but that shouldn’t stop you from seeking paid solutions if you have the means to do so. Analytic software such as Lucky Orange can yield even deeper insight by allowing you to see exactly what user’s type into a search box on your web site, live stream your visitor’s actions, and a plethora of other amazing features.

Real Time Customer Engagement

Showing new and existing customers you care about their opinion or are available to talk can very quickly improve your bottom line and streamline business growth. For example, with the tool Lucky Orange you can create polls that will go into effect in real time and you can ask customers questions such as what they think about your new site and are they satisfied with the level of service they have been receiving.

Other software such as Live Zilla allows real time communication with prospective customers or existing customers so that you can direct them to sales, support, or answer any other types of questions they might have fast and easily. Best of all, this particular software is free!

Creating great content

When performing off-site SEO for our client’s, we often encourage them to create content on their website as well. It is our belief that having a good content to backlink ratio is critical for a maximum impact SEO campaign. While various tactics can minimize the importance of on-site SEO or off-site SEO it is always best to have a combination of both.

Looking beyond the search aspect however, we see even more opportunities to leverage high quality content. For example, we recently had encouraged one client to make regular blog posts and sync the distribution with their Twitter, Facebook, and Linked In. By doing this our client received a potential lead for a large deal because someone in the clients industry had read the article, thought very highly of it, and referred their friend.

This is truly where we see the impact of viral marketing. It took a mere 30 minutes to write the blog post, which, in this case resulted in a potential lead turning into a paying client with a contract signing value of $50,000. Now just think if you were to write one blog post a day what kind of impact could that have for your business.

If you’re struggling with the thought of what to write about, just pause for a minute and ask yourself,if I were a potential client, what would I want to know? What would I search for? What type of company best fits my needs? Then write about each of these topics relative to your industry and by the time you’re done, you should have some great content that overtime will start driving traffic to your website.

An important factor in getting your content to go viral is making sure that it’s easy to share. Therefore, it is highly recommended that you add social widgets to your pages where appropriate and social plugins or widgets to your blog. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other social media accounts, be sure to make sure that your postings are in sync. Post frequent and useful information, but make sure it’s something your audience is genuinely interested in. However,spamming postings have a tendency to get your account flagged which could have a negative impact on your business.


Getting the sales you want doesn’t have to be nearly as challenging as you may have previously thought. By following the steps in this guide, you will be ready to analyze your potential customers, learn about their habits, decision making processes, and leverage that knowledge to your businesses benefit.

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