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7 Common SEO Mistakes

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Search engine optimization is not rocket science, but you do need to know what you are doing if it is going to work properly, meaning your site will get a good search engine placement and plenty of exposure to internet users. The best practice is to work with an online marketing agency to ensure that you get the details right. Fixing mistakes after the fact is much more complicated, and you will have lost valuable time and plenty of potential profit.

Here is a list of 7 common SEO mistakes that you should be checking your site for. If you need help with making the changes you need, find an internet marketing firm, pronto!

1. Title tags on every page are the same. Make sure that you are using unique titles for each page.

2. Pop-ups on the page. Most of the search engines prefer that you do not use popups. The information contained in the popups is not properly indexed by the spiders, and the presence of the popup may prevent that page from being properly indexed at all.

3. Your page is stuffed with keywords. Make sure that you are using a wide variety of relevant and well researched keywords, and that you are using them at the right frequency. Most online marketing agencies recommend that you have a keyword density of no more than 3-5% for best results.

4. Flash programming. This type of programming gives you a whole lot of bells and whistles, but it causes a big problem for the search engine spiders, and also for many users who have systems that do not properly load Flash. What happens is that the site does not load properly, and the user ends up with a less positive experience. There are plenty of ways to spice up your site without using this programming.

5. Page redirects. If you change your URL, do not simply set up a redirect, make sure that the new URL replaces the old one and that the user gets right to the site they want to be at. Unnecessary redirects and wait time will increase your bounce rate.

6. Repetitive anchor text. If your anchor text contains more than 50% of your target keywords, it will work against you when it comes to search engine optimization. be sure to diversify as much as possible.

7. Generic anchor text. Although you want to diversify, try to not overuse “click here” or other generic terms more than once or twice in your anchor text. You want the anchor text to be noticed by the search engines, if it is too generic it will not help much.

These are some of the most common mistakes that are made by webmasters, particularly ones who are trying to handle their own SEO in-house and trying to cut costs. For best results, work with a reputable online marketing firm that can help you get the search engine results you need for success. It is an investment in your online company that you should be making.

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