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5 Ways to Make SEO Part of Your Online Marketing Business Goals

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Failing to plan usually translates into planning to fail. You can lessen the likelihood of failure for your online business by developing a strong business plan, one that incorporates sales and marketing goals, specific ways to measure progress and elements that relate to both online and offline marketing and advertising.

Here are five things to remember when developing your business goals, these factors will help to increase the likelihood of success and help you reach your goals more quickly:

1. Specificity: When you develop specific goals, you are going to be better able to target them, and develop interim objectives that will continue to get you closer to the goal. When you develop goals like, “post one article per day to blog,” “develop one email marketing campaign per month” or “build email database of 500 members” then you are stating specific goals, and ones that can be easily measured. This leads us to the next critieria.

2. Measurable: In order to determine how successful you will be, you have to be able to measure a goal. This is why the specificity is so important. Deciding to “grow your email membership” is a goal, but difficult to measure. “Add 500 members to email database” is measurable, and you will always be able to tell if you have reached the goal or not, or how close you might be getting.

3. Related to Action: Identify the action that you want to measure. When your SEO plan includes the best keywords and the best actions (or calls to action), then you are going to find that you can increase your placement in the SERPs. If your goal is to get on to the first page of the Google SERPs, then your actions must be in line with this goal. One of your actions may be to add the services of an online marketing company to work on your SEO, which may include the addition of certain SEO techniques that will help you get to your goal. This is specific, and easy to measure, and you can take actions that will get you in the right direction.

4. Realistic goals: Again, failing to plan is like planning to fail. If your goals are unreasonable (e.g., getting the top spot for your main keyword within the first month of your online marketing strategy), then you are less likely to be successful. If your goal is to double your income, or regain your initial investment within three months, this might be more realistic—assuming that your SEO plan is solid. Internet marketing is inherently a place for dreamers, just make your dreams realistic enough so that you can achieve them.

5. Time Frame: Don’t forget to assign a certain (realistic) time frame to each of your goals. For instance, you might set a goal of adding 100 members to your email database in three months. This is measurable, actionable, specific, realistic and has a time frame. Your SEO strategy should be in line with this.

Anyone involved in internet marketing should understand that it is a business, like any other. Having a solid business plan, and one that includes great SEO, is going to help you go further and rank higher faster, finding success and meeting your goals. Not having a plan leaves you swinging in the breeze, and less likely to ever get off of the ground.

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