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5 Tips to Boost Your Mobile Marketing Results

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A few months ago we covered the basics of mobile marketing, which is leveraging mobile technology to reach more customers and potential customers and engage with them wherever they might be at any given moment. Well, with the number of people who own smartphones expected to reach a billion in just a few short years, this marketing method is not going away any time soon, and if you’re not tapping into it, you’re missing out. The good news is it’s never too late. Here are 5 tips to help you break into mobile marketing with a bang.

Make Communications Mobile-Friendly – Chances are a good percentage of people on your email marketing list will be reading your communications on their mobile devices, so make sure they are formatted accordingly. Keep email subjects concise but compelling, keep the design simple and go light on the text. And, of course, don’t forget to include links to your Facebook page and mobile website so readers can find out more.

Make it Easy – No matter how hard you work on your mobile marketing campaign, it will inevitably fall short if you don’t make it easy for your audience to access what they need, when they need it. You should have a mobile version of your website that is designed to be user-friendly on the go, and you should keep the most important information, like your address, phone number and business hours, front and center where visitors can find it quickly.

Use Text and QR Codes – Encourage people to sign up for your newsletter or other updates by allowing them to do so by sending a text message or scanning a QR code. Sweeten the deal by offering a coupon or savings code if they do so, and watch as your list grows without having to beg or hound people.

Leverage Location-Based Platforms – Sites like Foursquare, Google Places and even Facebook allow you to reach your customers when they’re on the go. People can check in to your place of business and share where they are with their friends, thereby increasing reach and brand exposure.

Encourage Reviews on the Go – Remind mobile customers to share the experience they had with your business on various review websites, or directly with you. Post visual clues, such as signs that say, “How are we doing? Please let us know!” Feel free to direct people to the sites where you could use some more reviews, like Yelp, Google Places or TripAdvisor. Just make sure you’re paying attention to those reviews, so you can address any negative ones in a positive, timely manner.

When it comes to mobile marketing, the sky really is the limit. It’s not so much how you do it, as long as you’re participating. Today’s app-savvy consumers want businesses to meet them where they are and deliver content that they need and want in the most convenient way possible. Mobile marketing makes this easy, and provides the opportunity to expand your horizons, reach more people and draw them in as paying customers. Simply put: your potential customers are going mobile – you should be too.

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