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5 Tips for Awesome Infographics

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Infographics are becoming more and more powerful as a tool for Internet marketing. The use of visual information to convey a message is drawing in visitors and leading to higher conversion rates. Online marketing agencies are working toward developing strong infographics that can be used in blog posts, articles, social media and other outlets. Here are five tips that can help you to create great and informative infographics for your site:

1. Decide on the question that you are trying to answer by using the infographic tool. Take some time to brainstorm for some ideas, and try to think about your question from the perspective of your visitors or your prospects. If you work with an online marketing firm, this is an important step, they need to get to know your business and your goals. Some of the best infographics lead visitors to have more questions and want to seek more answers about your topic; however, this should be done carefully because you want to be able to give enough information to satisfy the visitor, yet leave enough unanswered questions so that they are still intrigued.

2. Create an outline that lists the bullet points or mini-topics that you want to address through the infographic. This should take the form of a flowchart, one that identifies each issue and how you will be able to visually proceed to the next point.

3. Choose colors and images that are engaging. Typically, the best infographics use bold colors and brighter hues, rather than quieter, more peaceful colors. You want the information to be highly noticeable to your visitors. Graphics should be selected carefully. Think of bar charts, percentage graphs and thought bubbles as ways to present the data or the ideas that you are trying to convey. Keep illustrations and graphs simple, and easy enough for a reader to understand in a few seconds. One of the keys to successful infographics is having the reader get plenty of information, quickly and clearly. They should be left with a sense of wanting to learn more about this interesting topic.

4. Fact based infographics work best. Make sure that you have the research to support what you are stating in the infographic. Don’t throw information in there that is opinion based, unless you are trying to discuss opinions. Remember that the best infographics are those that are using visual information to present otherwise dry, factual material. The data should lead to a clear conclusion, like “47% of the companies surveyed found that they had more conversions when they sent their email offers between 8am and noon.” You want to make sure that you are a seen as a reputable and creditable source of information.

5. Edit carefully. As with anything that you post on your site, make sure that you edit carefully and verify all the data and ensure that there are no typographical errors and that ht entire infographic flows well. When you work with a credible Internet marketing firm, you will have the benefit of professional editing to make sure everything is perfect.

Following these five simple tips will help you build the most engaging and informative infographics possible. Online marketing agencies can help Internet marketers develop exciting and informative infographics that can help to engage visitors and bring more traffic to the site.

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