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5 Steps to a Highly Effective SEO Strategy

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The purpose behind search engine optimization is to demonstrate to Google that your website is an authority in whatever niche your business happens to be. Actually achieving this goal, however, can be a challenge. SEO isn’t a cut and dry process. There are many different methods and techniques used and with varying results. So how do you choose the right one for your site? Here are 5 steps to developing a highly effective SEO strategy that will get results.

Start Strong – Many businessesbegin focusing on getting backlinks right out of the gate, but this is counterproductive. Before you do anything, the most important step is ensuring that the architecture of your website is set up for effective internal SEO.

• Choose a domain that will rank well

• Optimize your content to include keywords in your title tags, headlines, URL permalinks and copy

• Structure your internal navigation so that every page can be reached in just 3 clicks

• Add breadcrumb navigation to all of your pages

• Maximize page load time by compressing images and eliminating white space

Research Keywords–It’s been said that content is king, but the truth is, content without the right keywords is virtually useless in terms of SEO. The goal is to determine the words that get decent volume but aren’t so competitive they’d be difficult to rank for. Do your research and analyze Google’s top 10 results for your desired keyword. Start with long-tail keywords and then work your way up to those with higher search volume.

Avoid Over-Linking – When starting your off-page SEO, it can be tempting to gather as many backlinks as possible but this is a mistake. If a new site with only a few pages of content suddenly has thousands of backlinks, Google will likely get suspicious and penalize you. While there’s no magic number of how many links you should aim for, a good rule of thumb is between 20-100 links per day.

Focus on Quality over Quantity–When it comes to ranking in the SERPs, one of the most important factors is trust, particularly for newer sites. You can establish this trust and promote your site’s authority by pursuing a few high quality backlinks, rather than aiming for a ton of links of lesser quality. Focus on getting links from other sites with authority in your niche for the best SEO results.

Stay the Course – Search engine optimization isn’t something you can just put into place and forget about. SEO is a fluid thing – something that is constantly shifting and evolving. Because of this, it requires an ongoing investment of time, attention and effort on your part if you are to continue to see results. Commit to regularly improving your site and pursuing high quality backlinks and your hard work will eventually pay off.

Search engine optimization is a critical component to the online success of any business, but developing an effective SEO strategy can be challenging. By implementing these five simple steps you can better position your website to rank well in the SERPs, get more traffic and ultimately bring in more business.

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