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4 Tips to Write Great SEO Articles

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Creating content for your blog need not be a terrifying task. You can learn how to write compelling content that meets the criteria that is necessary for good search engine optimization, and it does not have to take you a lifetime to perfect. Yes, you can work with an Internet marketing firm, or you can choose to outsource. It is important to remember that, above all, you are writing for humans, not machines. And, while you do have to pander a bit to the machines in order to get good results, you have to learn how to blend the different aspects required so that the humans stick around long enough to become repeat visitors or customers. Here are some guidelines that can help as you try to write content that pleases the people and the machines:

1. The Importance of Titles: Choosing a title may be one of the most important parts of your writing. The title is usually what will “sell” the visitor on the idea of opening the post or article to see what is inside. Search engines like to see keywords in a title, and visitors like to see something that catches their attention. Blending the two can be tricky, but can be done. Choose keywords that relate to your niche and to the content of the article, and entice readers with words like, “tips,” “ideas,” or “how to.”

2. Utilize Headings When Appropriate: Headings that contain keywords can help the search engines get a better indexing of your content and make your post more noticeable when the spiders come through. Then, there is also the double benefit that readers have a tendency to stick around longer, often reading an entire post, when it is broken down into various sections using headings and subheadings. The attention span of the average visitor is short, so you must do what you can to keep their interest, and headings will make the text more visually appealing and more manageable.

3. Keywords Are Critical: Without keywords, the search engines will have a very difficult time indexing your content. Keywords are those words that users type into a search engine to get the information that they are seeking. Keywords must be used in your titles, headings and the actual text of your post or article. Most of the time, an Internet marketing firm will recommend that you use keywords as 3-5% of your total words in your text for best results. This is called keyword density. Too many keywords and your content will look spammy, too few and it will not be noticeable enough to categorize or index properly. There is quite a bit of information related to using keywords, including how and when to link, whether to place them in the first and last sentence, etc. Check with your Internet marketing firm to see what the latest search engine optimization recommendations are.

4. Check Your Grammar and Spelling: There are few things that can turn off visitors more quickly than poorly written articles and posts. Make it a habit to always check your spelling and grammar, and re-read before posting. You want your site to have a professional appearance.

Writing articles and posts without paying attention to search engine optimization will not get you very far if you are hoping to increase your ranking in the search engine results. Make sure that you write articles that are going to get noticed by the search engines, but also be interesting and informative to the human visitors, to keep them coming back for more.

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