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4 Tips for Developing Re-Usable Content for Your Site

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Content GenerationConstant content generation is required when you are trying to increase visibility and traffic to your site. One of the keys to being able to generate tons of content is by creating content that can be used and re-used in multiple ways, thereby maximizing your efforts and giving you the kind of content that keeps on generating leads and traffic, as well as interest in your products and services. When your content can be repurposed, you can get a lot of mileage out of it. This does not mean that you should be just posting and reposting the same stuff, it means that you can take parts of things that you have already developed and turn them into new content products for your site, your social media networks, your email marketing campaigns, and more.

Here are four ways to create content that can be recycled and reused, and give you the kind of content generation that you will need to get your site noticed:

1. Write a series of articles or blog posts: Take a topic that is of great interest to the readers in your niche and write a series of articles and blog posts. Once you have accumulated a bunch of pieces of content, then you can combine and edit them into an ebook that can then be offered as a free download to your email list.

2. Take blog posts and use them as social media blasts: Excerpts of your blog posts can make for wonderful social media updates and teasers. Use quotes, statistics or anything else that might be of interest and that can capture attention in a short message. Then, include a link to the post.

3. Reverse the length: Another great way to repurpose your content and re-use it is to take a longer piece, like a whitepaper or ebook that you have developed, and then do the reverse of the first suggestion, and break it down into a series of blog posts.

4. Create videos to support or supplement your blog posts: Taking a blog post and turning it into a video is another way to create new content from the old material. You can read the blog post, you can develop graphs and charts and infographics, and you can add other visual supports that will make it interesting.

Content generation needs to be an ongoing process for your business. Each type of content will draw different attention from the search engines as well as from the visitors to your site. Ultimately, when you create enough content you can create online courses and webinars that can present tons of content in a way that helps people learn more about what you do, or learn how to do something better and more effectively. Each piece of content that you can generate for your site will be helpful, and when you can combine them, expand them, and use them for multiple purposes, then you have definitely mastered the art of efficiency and will have increased traffic and increased visibility to show for your efforts.

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