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4 Tips for Customizing Your Keyword Research for Your Market

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Keyword research is an ongoing effort for most internet marketers. You cannot simply do some keyword research when you get started and just let the machine work from there. You have to do some ongoing research to ensure that you are in fact using the keywords that are most important for your particular market, for your customers. Keyword research is a critical part of any online marketing plan, and one that should be a priority. Online marketing companies often spend a great deal of time ensuring the accuracy and relevance of keywords, if you are doing it yourself then you should be putting the effort in, too.

Here are 4 considerations for your keyword research to help make it as relevant as possible for your visitors and increase your traffic and visibility:

1. Consider the terms that your customers use: Just because you use certain words to describe your products and services does not mean that your customers are going to be searching using those same terms. You want to make sure that you are including every possible way that your customers are thinking about their wants and needs related to your niche. Be sure to include proper names, long tail descriptions, and plenty of synonyms in your keyword list.

2. Consider the nuances: Forget about the slight semantic differences between words and use a wide net when considering what keywords your customers are going to be searching for. Customers searching for racquetball goods may also be interested in tennis gear, so be sure that you include plenty of terms when describing gear and products. The same may go for other sports or hobbies that overlap.

3. Consider using questions: Many people use the search query as a place to type their questions in their entirety. Instead of searching for “snowblower” they may type in “what brand has the best snowblowers?”  When you capture the audience that is using questions, you have an entirely new group of target visitors.

4. Consider the competition: Make sure that you know how highly competitive your keywords are. Don’t avoid certain words because they are highly competitive, but be sure to add enough that are on the lower end of the list, too. This will help you to cast your net wider. Check other sites in your niche and see what keywords they seem to be targeting. You might be able to do it better than they are, especially if you have an internet marketing firm on your side helping you do the keyword research.

When you truly understand your customers and how they are conducting searches and looking for information, you can not only improve your SEO plan but you can get visitors more directly to your site. You want to get every visitor that you can, even from more obscure references to your products or your niche. It is far easier to get a good ranking in the SERPs for very obscure keywords. While these are not the ones that will get you tons and tons of traffic, these keywords should not be ignored, either.

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