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4 Important Things to Measure: Is Your Site Making the Grade?

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If you were to get a report card for your website, what do you think your grades would look like? If the subjects included “traffic,” “conversions,” “lead generation” and “actual sales,” how do you think you would rate? If you are not doing well in one or more of these subjects, you may need to enlist the help of an Internet marketing firm to boost things up and get your grades up, so to speak.

Here are the basics that you need to measure to ensure that your website is getting the best “grades” that it can. After all, advancing to the top of the class is the goal!

1. Traffic: How does your online strategy draw in traffic? What types of search engine optimization techniques are you using that are working well? Which ones may need a little tweaking? Counting the number of unique visitors to your site is critical. When you count them, you should also be measuring how long they stay on your site, as well as how many page views they make. When you track this information, you can see the direct effects of any changes you make, and whether traffic increases or decreases. Make sure you know how your site is ranked in the various search engines as you evaluate this data. Working with an Internet marketing firm can make this assessment easier, and they can help you develop the strategies you need to increase traffic.

2. Conversion Rate: Now that you have the traffic numbers, you need to see how many of those visitors become paying or subscribing members. Following how they got to your site (simple with the help of many of the free stat counting websites) can help you learn about what they are interested in and how they got to you in the first place. Are they drawn by certain ads? Is social media driving them to you? This information can be very helpful.

3. Lead Generation: How many people choose to subscribe to your mailing list, out of the total number of visitors?  When you see this number increasing, you know that your site presents very well. If your lead generation numbers are weak, then you may need to boost the quality of your site.

4. Sales Numbers: Now, nobody involved in Internet marketing wants to work for free, right? When you take all of the above numbers and compare it to the actual money you make, are you making a profit? How much per visitor? This is a number that you want to see steadily increasing. If it is not, then you definitely want to check out Internet marketing firms, to get some help with your online strategy.

There is plenty of money to be made online, and if you do the work and keep track of things well, then there is a portion of that money that could wind up in your pocket! Knowing when to sit tight and when to act fast is important. Grading your website occasionally, based on these few statistics can help you keep up with the rest of the class, and even get ahead!

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