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4 Effective Podcasting Ideas for Online Marketing

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Visual communication is an incredibly important part of the online marketing solutions used by any Internet business. Including pictures, infograms, charts and videos can help to engage customers and visitors to your site. Internet marketing requires creative thinking, and developing and using podcasts may be one way that online marketers can explore their creative side, while making progress toward their goals of online success. Here are a few ideas that can help make your podcast more effective and a better part of your plan:

1. Practice the podcast before you record it. Everybody stammers and stutters when they speak, or interjects too many “like,” “um,” “uh” or “ah” vocalizations. These should really be avoided when you are attempting to make a professional presentation. It is important to use a conversational tone to the presentation, but make sure it is still professional and without too many revisions. Avoid grammatical errors when speaking, like “me and him” or “ain’t.” Although not very noticeable during everyday communication, these become extremely pronounced on a recording. Also, make sure that if you are using video as well as audio, the environment in which you are recording is not messy, cluttered or filled with extraneous noise. A quiet and professional area is important (as is your appearance, which should also be professional).

2. Promote your podcast well. Use the avenues that you have found to be working well for your company. Things like social media networking can be important components to your advertising, and are well recognized online marketing solutions. Put a link to your podcast on your social media sites. Reference and link to your podcasts in your email marketing campaign. Ask your viewers to share it with others. Just like any other Internet marketing solutions that you are trying, podcasting can help you get the word out to a widespread audience.

3. Develop a series. One way to keep your viewers and visitors interested is to break up a larger topic into smaller sections, and create a series of podcasts that address the same topic or question. When you present information in installments, you will keep the viewers or listeners coming back for more. This is where you start to build up your loyal following and become more recognized and more authoritative in your niche.

4. Keep installments short and sweet. You have to make sure that you keep the interest of those listening to or viewing the podcast. Within the first few minutes, you need to present something interesting that makes them stick around. A good rule of thumb is to keep podcasts in the 10-20 minute range, maximum. Any longer than that and people have to set aside too much time to become involved. With the fast paced lifestyle of most people, shorter podcasts are more likely to be viewed.

Great podcasting can help your search engine optimization efforts by helping you spread the word about your products and services in different ways. Take a look at what others in your niche are doing, and get started with using podcasting along with your other online marketing solutions for even more effective results.

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