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3 Ways to Use Images for Brand Development in Social Media

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It is not enough to create regular posts, tweets and status updates, if you want to promote your business or your goods and services through the social media networks. More and more people are relying on the images that are presented, as they scroll through their ever-growing news feeds to find what grabs their attention. Images are well known to be an effective way to grab the attention of a visitor, so using them as a part of your tweets and status updates can help to draw people to your posts as they scroll through the many text-only posts around them.

Some of the social networks are even used primarily as visual resources, like Pinterest or Instagram. These photo sharing sites are extremely popular, and a great way to promote your brand development, if you choose the right images and pictures.

Use these three tips to help you choose and use the best images for your company’s brand development strategy:

1. The most effective images are ones that can be easily shared with others: The whole idea of using social media for brand development is that you are giving others some information that is worth sharing with their own contacts and connections. Use visuals that either prominently display logos in a tasteful way, or images of your products or services in a natural environment. Pictures of people using your products and appearing happy can appeal to the positive emotions of others, and this is definitely one way to encourage sharing in the social media networks. Funny images are also commonly shared on social networks, so consider this when choosing what you want to display.

2. Focus on the visual social networks for best results: If you concentrate a percentage of your efforts on the social media networks that are intended for photo and image sharing, you will get the best results from your images. Remember that the competition is stiff here, and that you are competing with all of the images from other people and other companies, not like Facebook and Twitter, where most posts are text only. With that in mind, your best images can go a long way toward helping your brand development.

3. Monitor, measure and respond: Always respond when someone comments or shares your images on the social networks. This will help you boost your brand exposure and your company’s visibility, and it will help you to build the necessary relationships with customers and followers. Monitor the number of views, shares and comments, and keep track of which images (or which types of images) seem to perform best, and then concentrate on those. Consider offering incentives to those who share your images, because this is going to help you promote your brand and company.

Brand development needs to be an ongoing process for your company. By using images that are related to your company, and your products and services, and spreading them around in the social media networks, you are going to see quicker growth in your visibility and recognition.

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