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3 Ways to Make Your Tiny Start Up Look Bigger with SEO

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When you first start up in the internet marketing world, it can be very overwhelming to compare your company to some of the more well established companies that are out there in your niche. Generally, most people do not immediately show interest in doing business with the tiny companies, and will choose those companies that appear to be bigger, in business longer or larger. You want to do your best to inspire trust and help your potential customers think you are a worthy candidate for their business.

Being the biggest is not necessarily the goal, but being better should be your goal. And, being the smallest is not usually the best position to be in. Here are three ways that you can instantly make your small company appear bigger and stronger, right away:

1. Make sure you have a solid business plan. Few things will keep your business smaller longer than having no real plan. Develop an outline, establish your goals and determine how you are going to measure them. Then follow through on the plan. There are plenty of online marketing agencies that can help small startups with development and implementation of a business plan, and get you headed in the right direction. The early parts of your business plan should always include development of a great website, and setting up an SEO plan that is methodical and effective.

2. Avoid “small fry” appearances.This tidbit of advice refers to how you present yourself. If you do not want to be seen as a one man band, then make yourself bigger simply by using a professional email address (e.g., yourname@yourcompany.com) rather than a personal email. This small act can often make your business appear instantly larger. Also, establish contact information that is not your own personal information. For example, get a post office box rather than use your personal home address, and get a toll free number rather than give out your cell number. don’t forget to leave a professional outgoing message, and skip the ones that sound like “Hey, this is Russ, you know what to do!. Use your company name in tags when you are working with them, this will help your SEO plans.

3. Go the distance when it comes to customer service. This is an advantage for many small businesses. When you only have a few customers, you can work toward dazzling them a little bit more. Join forces with others in your niche, and use this budding network to make sure you are developing links, offering affiliate products and truly giving your visitors and customers the best experience that you can offer.

Good things often come in small packages, so be sure that you are properly packaging and delivering the goods (meaning your company) to your customers. As a small business entrepreneur, you have a unique opportunity to truly connect and get to know your customers. Use your SEO plan and your social media networks to ensure that you develop their loyalty. Before you know it, you could end up being one of the bigger fish in the pond!

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