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3 Tips for Using Images to Improve Conversions

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Anyone who is trying to make money online by selling products and services is always going to be looking for ways to increase conversion rates and get more sales. Because online shopping differs greatly from traditional retail shopping, the methods used to get the conversions will be somewhat different. In a retail store, you can make displays, offer coupons as the customers walk in, offer impulse items at the register, and more, to get the maximum profit out of each customer. Here are some tips from online marketing companies that you can accomplish the same thing from your online store:

1. Improve item or product descriptions: When you use images as part of your item and/or product descriptions, you are giving visitors a very good idea about the products that you are offering. You would be surprised to know how many online marketers fail to include images, those that do are rewarded with higher conversion rates. People are far more likely to purchase an item that they can see. It is especially helpful to include zoom features, as well as multiple views of the products. If you can offer comparisons of products through images, this is even better. Your customers will be less likely to return or exchange items when they have had the opportunity to get a good look at the products before they place their order. This means that the images are not only boosting your conversions, but saving you money by reducing returns and exchanges, too.

2. Use high quality images: Try to avoid using poor quality images. In this case, no image may be better than a poor one, according to most online marketing companies. Be sure that the image is properly sized and proportioned for correct loading on your page, your Internet marketing firm can help with the recommendations for this. The wrong size image may not load properly, and this can defeat the purpose of having images at all.

3. Tag your images with relevant keywords: Once you add the great images of the products and services to your site, you want to make sure that they are properly tagged for indexing by the search engines. Google, as well as the other major search engines, seems to favor images and they can help significantly boost your search engine optimization efforts when properly tagged. When the images are properly tagged, then your site will be more likely to get a higher search engine placement, which will lead to more traffic. Upon arrival, those great images will help yet again, by convincing visitors to spend their money on your products, which are so nicely displayed.

Our highly visual world will require more than just words on your webpage. Including images will help you improve your search engine optimization, as well as your conversion rates. For help with choosing images, placing them, tagging them, and more, you can work with an online marketing firm to make sure that you are getting the most out of the images. Customers trust companies that carefully show what they have to sell, and you want to be one of those trusted companies!

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